Fusion on Hold.

The Scribe of Damascus.

Is The Teacher

Through George Barnard.

Illawarra District, Australia, 

May 9th, 2020.

Posted May 22, 2020

Akashic Construct - 11:11 Spirit Guardians

George: “Our text tells us we are simply too uneducated to sensibly converse about our Gift from God, but you are not. You are ‘le Scribe de Damas’ and you are our Gift from God, a personalised Thought Adjuster (TA), thus a God, or God-like, in your own right. I remind all who hear or read these words that the suggestion we might hear of TA’s, or fusion on hold, came from Teacher Samuel, of Panoptia.

The Scribe: “It is I, the Scribe of Damascus, also known as Sananda, who can state with certainty that my student has in no way set foot on forbidden ground. Long ago this receiver of messages was informed that some pilgrims – and understandably to a large degree from this world – would need the services of Carers, amongst whom a number of those would be former humans, educated, professional, their fusion on hold, as well as Celestial Carers, ‘Angels’, those created for the task of settling down the many irregular citizens from Urantia et al.

“You see, my friends, the work is shared and Paradise-bound pilgrims together with those who are created without sin or fault do forever take up their positions together with those who hold back from fusion with their TA to achieve extra knowledge, wisdom or simply ‘feel’ for certain procedures likely to be of import in the close or distant future. It’s no more or less logical that the pilgrimage to Paradise takes almost forever and thus it can only be that there is so, so very much to learn that one must frequently tarry at some point to catch up.

“Consider now; that for anyone living on Paradise, the birth of a star and its eventual demise can be viewed as simultaneous events. With all of us Thought Adjusters originating from our Creator-Father on Paradise, it is only logical that we are aware of this, to your mind, unusual phenomenon. And even, my pupil, should we be directed to serve in space-time on a planet where we are simply on loan and where the human pilgrims eventually fuse with a fragment of the Creator Son, we could look ahead at our next function and our next.

“It is easy for you to imagine that you are being brazen by so directing Me to focus on the lives of the Thought Adjusters, but there is nothing in this lesson you did not already know or could have deduced. Suffice it to say that the universe is always true to those Thought Adjusters that try so hard but fail to become one with their human charges. Inevitably they will be successful during their next mission or the next, as was I in companioning our Master, Jesus, during the time of His final bestowal.

“You see, fusion on hold is a most common phenomenon. It takes into consideration those students learning to program cropcircles and many other fine items of construction.

“I AM The Damascus Scribe, also often called Lord Sananda.”

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