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daily inspiration 17 june 2019.

We are in a time now where the very fabric of the universe is shifting. This week kicks off some of the most powerful energy we will experience this year. Today's Full Moon and the Solstice on Friday guarantee a new round of processing and integration. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to claim our soul wisdom and fearlessly navigate the currents held in these new energetic waters.

Your intuition is now at an all time high guiding you to your best and highest potential. You are being invited to see the world with new eyes knowing that all things are possible. There are no maps, no marked paths and no road signs. The synchronistic signs, symbols and events being offered to you through your daily life are guiding you to what you need to experience and where you need to be. As the incoming energies work to bring further change and transformation your best course of action is to surrender into he flow and watch the magic as it unfolds.
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