From Low to High.

Teacher: Thought Adjuster

Message received by Oscar. 

Alabama, USA, April 23, 2013.

Translated from Spanish by Silvia Adriana Cohane.

Posted 2019/07/12

 Akashic Construct - 11:11 Spirit Guardians

Thought Adjuster: “Among those who are awakening to the realities of Spirit, many are concerned about their spiritual status. In your society, you have become accustomed to being separated by levels of achievement, and differentiated between yourselves by your abilities, talents, and your successes. However, it is not so in the Father’s Kingdom. Our Heavenly Father loves both the enlightened master of worlds and the humble mortal who hardly perceives that there is an invisible hand that guides him. The Father does not differentiate by the level of achievement. It would be like expecting a human father to love his child who is in college more than his other child who is in kindergarten. 

“If the Father never practices any form of discrimination, why do you? It is evident that, depending on the social environment and experiences, the development of each individual will be different. However, you are all in the same school, even though some of you are ahead of others. You all will see differences in skills and talents for a wide variety of ventures. This does not mean that one is better than another. Simply the present conditions of material life have tilted the scales so that each one shows a certain predilection and certain abilities for something. Or it may be the case that deficiencies in life’s experiences cause the potentials of some mortals to remain hidden for a long time. 

“The Divine Presence that has the design for your development in the pursuit of perfection has not defined a schedule for you to reach your goals at some precise time. Impatience is not an attribute of deity and the truth will be presented to you from many angles, and through a multitude of experiences to ensure that your understanding is complete. It is with time that the lessons of human beings are permanently engraved on the soul. You would not expect to pick the fruits of a tree the day after you planted the seed. Likewise, it will take some time, and many conditions being satisfied, before the higher fruits of the spirit which you yearn to observe in your life become evident. 

“However, through faith, you can immediately have direct access to the Father and the various spiritual influences that have been placed there to help you walk towards your eternal destiny. The Divine Spirit is unconditionally submitted to your will and if you give the ‘authorization’ to the Father to work for you from within, a confluence of energies and inspiration will take place and this will eventually bring you to the very presence of God, as long as you desire it. 

“Although you cannot know precisely your level of spiritual progress, you will observe how the lasting peace and the influence of Divine love becomes more and more intense and frequent in your life. When you really begin to trust in the care of the Heavenly Father your fears and worries begin to disappear. Later, the false needs of the material world become irrelevant and unimportant to you. Then you will begin to live with your feet on the ground, but with your eyes fixed on eternity, being a true child of God whose origin is certainly low, but whose destiny is one of high glory and eternal service as an active participant in the establishment of the Divine Will for the entire Creation.”


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Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster.

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