From Cease Fire to Peace Treaty.

By Thought Adjuster.

Message received by Anyas. 

Oregon, USA, February 28, 2019.

Posted 2019/04/18

Thought Adjuster: “After undergoing some grueling emotional crisis, RELAX! Crises generate emotional and physical tensions in your being, as they place you in a state of fight or flight. Why is that so? 

“Is it because of the fear of being hurt? Is it because of the dreaded ‘Deja-vu’ of painful interactions? Is it because you do not see how to address crises differently? It could certainly be all of the above. 

“A problem will remain ‘problematic’ until it is solved. Once you figure out the liberating solution, it ‘dis-solves’ and you lightheartedly move on to other things. One thing is for sure, each problem has its solution — at times even more than just one. 

“Some of your baffling life’s riddles overwhelm you at first, as you are not their only enigmatic component. Other unknown factors are the individual(s) or circumstance(s) associated with their formulation. 

“How then do you solve them? By getting to know the ‘unknown’ through constructive interaction. It needs to take place in a safe zone — just as international peace negotiations occur on neutral territory so that nobody has the unfair advantage of their home turf. 

“I am your Divine Indweller — an unconditionally loving Ambassador of the Omniscient Father. Wouldn’t I then be the best Go-To Mediator whenever you are puzzled by what life throws at you from your blind corner? You may not have seen it coming, yet it is not manifesting from nowhere.

“What is at the origin? How can you uproot what causes you grief and anxiety so that you can operate from a place of inner peace? Isn’t that what you are shooting for? 

“Self-Mastery is earned by YOUR efforts. Nobody can ‘make you’ a master of yourself, as no one — Myself included — has the right to stake a claim on your free will prerogatives. Look at these life crises as gateways to self-mastery. They are prompting you to think outside the box of habitual response patterns. Indeed, no problem can be solved by following the very models that created it. 

“Ask, and you shall receive! Keep asking until the answer dawns on you, and you can easily implement your ‘ah-ha moment’ — the newfound clarity that once and for all allows you to solve the frustrating and mind-boggling riddle. It may well take two or more persons to ask for it to do so.”

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