Message from the Angels via Ann Albers. 

June 22nd, 2019.

My dear friends, we love you so very much,
Today we’d like to address a topic that you are all familiar with and yet one that provides great struggle for the human heart – forgiveness.
We know that if we asked you a simple question, “Do you want to carry the pain of your past into your future?” each and every one of you would answer with a resounding “No! I wish to be free of it.”
Yet if we asked you a slightly different question, “Are you willing to forgive all those who have inspired your pain and suffering?” most of you would say, “I want to, but it’s hard,” while others would answer vehemently, “Absolutely not!”
Dear ones these questions are one in the same, for you cannot leave the pain of your past behind without the work of truly forgiving – forgiving yourself for creating or allowing pain in your life, and forgiving those who hurt you for playing an unpleasant role in the unfolding education of your soul.
Not a single one of you ever deserves to suffer. Not a single one of you ever deserved abuse. We would not wish for a single one of you to ever be betrayed, abandoned, belittled, or hurt in any way whatsoever.
We wish for you only an experience of love!
Yet for a variety of reasons, some planned before this lifetime, some purely vibrational, you have allowed pain in your lives. Some of you even planned to experience painful circumstances before birth – to understand other perspectives, to grow beyond the pain as an inspiration for others, to try to inspire love in your abusers… The list of reasons why souls choose to endure pain on earth is long and varied. Some of you didn’t consciously choose pain but simply allowed it in, as a result of a long-standing vibrational focus on unhappy aspects of human life or other human beings.
No matter what the reason, none of you ever deserves pain, unkindness, abuse, or mistreatment. You are all, without exception, always and forever, worthy of love.
Remember this a thousand times a day if you must: You are worthy of love. Imprint it on your consciousness. Dive deep inside of yourself and tell all the wounded parts of self, “I love you. You are worthy of love.” Then, free yourself from the past, through the courageous act of forgiveness.
Forgiveness is the choice that grants you freedom from your past.
Forgiveness does not say, “I condone your actions. Hurt me again please.” Forgiveness does not say, “I like you and want to be around you.” Forgiveness does not say, “I will forget what you did.” These are mistaken notions that prevent you from forgiving.
In truth, forgiveness has nothing to do with the individuals who hurt you.
Forgiveness is a courageous choice to free yourself from the energetic chains that bind you.
Forgiveness says, “I give your behavior in my past no power over my future. I am done with this pain. I am leaving it behind now and forevermore.”
Forgiveness is an energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual choice that gives you freedom to experience the vibrations that are your natural birthright – joy, abundance, and love.
Forgiveness takes work. It takes reprogramming. It takes the willpower to change your thoughts to something more positive than the pain in your past. If you pray for the help, we can work with you, strengthen your loving energy, and assist you in releasing the programmed mental ties that bind your spirit. You may need to seek out human help as well. This is an act of self-love.
Make a commitment to yourself, for yourself, to be diligent – one thought at a time – to shift your mind gently and kindly towards a brighter future.
Make a commitment to yourself, for yourself, to get whatever help is needed to free yourself from the past, so you can look forward to the bright and beautiful future you truly deserve.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
The Angels.

Ann Albers.

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