Follow Me All the Way! 

By Thought Adjuster.

Message received by Anyas. 

Oregon, USA, April 21, 2019.

Posted 2019/06/12

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Thought Adjuster: “Today is the commemoration of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead — those whose physical life came to an end. However, more importantly, it is the celebration of His glorious spiritual ascension. 

“On your world, many of you live a purely materialistic life and hardly if ever give a thought to the manifestation of their spiritual endowments, thus wasting their allotted time in pursuing shortsighted endeavors that fail to foster the development of a weighty soul. Distraction from the real purpose of human life was one of the disempowering subterfuges of the Luciferian rebellion. 

“A life devoid of meanings does not amount to much. It is forgettable. On the other hand, a life such as the one Jesus lived on Earth leaves a lasting positive imprint and is memorable. It yields valuable spiritual dividends — the only type of currency transferrable to the hereafter. 

“Jesus lived a full life, focused on manifesting eternal meanings. It outlasted His last breath on the cross and went on in Higher Realms. 

“What about you? Are you resurrection material? What will remain of you when your body returns to dust? Have you developed a strong spiritual backbone? It is what immortalized Jesus. His undying love for humanity, coupled with His unwavering faith in His Father’s leadings propelled Him all the way up the ascension ladder. Not only was He a way shower on the earthly plane, but at the crossroad between life and death, He blazed a trail toward Higher Realms. What a fearless leader He turned out to be! What He had in mind when He admonished “Follow Me!” was “Follow Me all the way — here and beyond, now and in the hereafter! 

“Such fearlessness and determination are what you need to emulate, knowing that Jesus is leading the way and the Father is walking by your side if your sincere prayer is “My will is to do your Will.” It could not be otherwise.”
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