Fields of Consciousness.

by Owen K Waters

April 21, 2019

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When Easter and Christmas come around, I often wonder - in order for Jesus to achieve what he does on these occasions - just how huge his field of consciousness must be.

Consider this. He promised that he would be present in spirit whenever two or more people are gathered in his name. Even today, after two thousand years, he still delivers on that promise. Now, in order for him to be present in spirit in thousands upon thousands of groups and congregations, all at the same time, he has to be in thousands of places at once.

He has to be able to split his consciousness into many thousands of parts, with each individual part being capable of attending to one group. When someone in that group asks for healing or spiritual support, the part of him attending to that group senses the request and provides them with personal support.

When you consider how huge this avatar-sized field of consciousness must be, it becomes easier to see how Jesus performed amazing miracles. By comparison, yogis who practice for many years have been known to develop the ability to walk on water. Jesus just went ahead and did it.

Some yogis are advanced enough to materialize small amounts of physical matter right out of the ethers. Jesus not only manifested loaves and fishes, but he produced enough to feed five thousand people!

Some people - ones who can't see how miracles are achieved - question whether Jesus' miracles actually did happen. Personally, I don't doubt the miracles. To me, the biggest mystery is how such a huge and powerful spirit managed to fit his enormous field of consciousness into one small human body.

Because we are taught to think of our minds as being inside our brains, we rarely think in terms of fields of consciousness. In reality, the brain is inside the mind. The mind is a field of consciousness. The brain is the hardware and the mind is the software that enters it and makes it work. Even though your brain started its existence in this life with no physical memories, your mind existed long before it inhabited your physical body.

Your brain uses just ten percent of its capacity for conscious awareness. In addition to your conscious mind, your complete consciousness includes the subconscious and superconscious aspects of your mind.

Your subconscious mind holds the memories of all of your experiences and incarnations since the beginning of time. It also runs your body's autonomic biological systems. In doing so, it displays a knowledge of biochemistry which goes far beyond the reach of current science.

The largest part of your complete consciousness is your superconscious mind. Also called the higher self or the soul, this is the source of intuitive information. Your superconscious mind is connected to Infinite Being, which is the spiritual source of all things, and also to the entire universe.

Your complete consciousness - the conscious, subconscious and superconscious aspects of your mind - can also be referred to as your inner being. Your conscious mind focuses its attention towards what is perceived as the outside world, so it acts like an outer being, although it's really one aspect of your complete consciousness, your inner being.

There is ten times more to the brain than the one-tenth that people are aware of each day. That means that people have at least ten times the potential that they thought they had and, thanks to the inner being's connection to Infinite Being, that potential can go all the way up to infinity. You just have to decide how much of your field of consciousness you intend to use.

You can choose to pay attention to the still, small voice within. You can choose to ask it for information to encourage the flow of inner wisdom into your outer awareness. You can also choose to follow your inner joy as it leads you towards greater fulfillment in your voyage through life.

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Owen Waters
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