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june 3rd, 2019. 



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Another week flies by. Welcome, my friends.
And the sunniest of welcome’s to Each and Every One, as indeed yourself Blossom.
Thank you. Well, I have to say last week’s chat caused a great deal of response. Each and everyone saying the same thing more or less, yet differently! That we are in this world yet, not of it. I get that bit. Thank you. I’m not going to elaborate or get involved again for now on that subject. However, many were interested in what you had to say about the soul and its ‘position’ during pregnancy. There is quite a lot of unrest taking place regarding ‘abortion issues’ at the moment and many felt it would be beneficial for you to speak of this, if you feel it appropriate? I know White Cloud has spoken of it many, many years ago, yet, your thoughts would be appreciated also.
This would be acceptable certainly.  Each individual soul when deciding to return to Earth for whatever reasons, can also decide as and when they feel it … necessary/comfortable/appropriate … to enter into the embryo/fetus awaiting it. Circumstances may dictate the ‘time’ it stays within the womb at certain intervals.
If, for instance, it was decided for a soul to enter into a family that required the soul to become part of the group in order to assist in the understanding of many lessons, then it could be that the mother was not always in a ‘desirable’ state for the ‘baby’ (shall we say) to be involved and ‘part’ of her. Yet, at other times the baby would know when the mother is Peaceful and calm and in a ‘Loving’ mood and ‘visit’ for a short time for bonding purposes. If, in this case … the mother was experiencing much stress, it may be that the soul preferred not to enter into its agreement until the very moment of its delivery ‘out into the open’, would we say.
I have heard that some souls do not attach until after that, sometimes?
WR (with respect) … we would not agree with that. It is essential for the souls to enter, on delivery, even if it be in the last ‘push’.
Yet, my thoughts are going to … that the soul had time to ‘pop in’ as long as the cord had not been cut.
It would not be advisable.
Yet possible?
In extreme circumstances … yet, so extreme we would not consider it to be touched upon.
The soul entering into the new body may not always be keen … and it can be that there is a reluctancy to return to Earth once again. When being counseled when not of the Earth, everything makes sense for reasons TO return … Yet, the closer one gets the more the memories flood in of lives’ gone by … and one may want to change their mind. Yet, ultimately they know that the lifetime chosen this time around will be of service to themselves and therefore, The Whole. 
It is the ‘feeling’ of entering BACK into a Vibration that is not of the same level from where they were coming from. It can appear to feel ‘cold’, for want of a better way of putting it.
Other souls can enter into the fetus right from the start and feel they want to stay there throughout. There is no set rule on this. The soul is free to come and go depending on its ‘feelings’ at the time. Indeed, sometimes the baby is said/known to be sleeping yet, it may be that they are simply ‘not in’. We do not need to go deeply into this, as one can interpret our words to understand enough as to how this ‘plays itself out’.
So, on the matter of abortion … what do say of that?
Let us first of all state, that each and every soul has the right to ‘think’ for themselves about anything. What feels right for one may not be the case for another. So there is no judgment here.
We would say, that some ‘religions’ consider removing the fetus to be a sin. A committing of a crime of murder. We do not.
Say if a soul was counseled to be a part of a certain family and then perhaps circumstances changed and an abortion was agreed upon. The soul may or may have not ‘entered into’ the mother’s Energy … for a time. If there is uncertainty from the start, usually not. So the removal of the embryo is not taking the life of another … for there is no life in there!
If a soul was to fall pregnant without the desire to do so, or by ill behavior from another … then a soul would not have been allocated in the first place.  However, if it be decided upon to follow through with the pregnancy and be the ‘vehicle’ for a soul to have another ‘shot at life’ itself … then an appropriate ‘soul’ would be found to take the position.
WR … A bit like ‘a perfect position has come up unexpectedly for you, and it would serve you to accept it’.
When a soul decides to return to Earth … it is not just a matter of … ‘Another one available … who’s next?’.
That is making me laugh!
We are being Light-hearted because it is a desirable way to be on all subjects.
There is much counseling, discussion and suitability taken into account. So many reasons why a soul … should/would/could … enter into a particular lifetime. So many things to consider … place, surroundings, possibilities to be presented, mindset, Energy, awareness of parents, single parent, couple, etc. Everything you can think of is taken into account to make sure that one’s needs will be met in order for the soul returning to be able to make the most of their NEW experience.
To go back and clarify regarding your original subject matter. If a pregnancy is to be terminated, then as we say, there is no soul within to remove. There is just the flesh or the beginnings of the growth of the physical body. So, there is no crime. We do not wish to minimize or disrespect this matter, for as we say, many hold it in deep sacredness/high regard. Yet, to remove a fetus that does not have a soul within it, is no different from removing a growth or anything else that does not serve the body.
I totally agree with you … yet within me, I feel many may feel quite irate at that statement.
WR Blossom, to those that do … maybe after considering that which we have said … they may feel differently. As we say, we are not here to take away anyone’s right to have their own Truths about a matter … any matter. We are here to present perhaps a different way to look at things.
SO, SO, SO, SO much that SO, SO, SO, SO many believe to be TRUTH is due to indoctrination within the rules and regulations of certain religions and such things were put into place to hold power over the followers of that particular ‘way of thinking’. Much was and still is, leading one to believe that if they should dare to disapprove, question or think something through rationally about these rules and regulations, then their life in the hereafter would be condemned to one of fire and demons.
Yet, if one TRULY delves deep into their soul … about so many ‘religious’ matters, they would find their own TRUTH … and indeed that Truth would lie within so more easily and ‘sensibly’ than anything that may have been distorted in books known to be of the greatest TRUTHS.
This is not to say that such books do not hold TRUTHS. Yet, would we say it is very like ‘these channeled messages’ that are available today. Great manipulation is woven within many to confuse and lead one down the path of disappointment. This is … where we /why we … ask you to listen to your own inner Truth when listening or reading of such matters.
Look at these ‘contorted’ messages in a positive way in that they are teaching you to … think/feel … for yourself.
Have you ever considered how many souls will have passed over from this Earth plane through the veil into another ‘Vibrational Energy’ thinking they have not done well enough? Not been good enough? Made some mistakes along the way and therefore, God will certainly punish them and send them for eternity … yes, eternity … into the darkest of places and because you create your own reality … where will this ‘following of Truth’ take them? Does one call this a LOVING GOD that they have been pressured into living their life’s behaviors by?
What makes sense to YOU?
What FEELS right in YOUR TRUTH for YOU?
What would LOVE do for YOU?
How would LOVE look after YOU?
Dearest souls, waking up … becoming aware … means to awaken … to become aware of YOUR TRUTH. That which serves not only you, yet, The Whole. So choose to look into everything with that in mind. Ask yourself … does this serve me and The Whole? For I and The Whole are ONE.
Does this … circumstance/law/feeling/channelling/reading/fact/person/belief … etc. serve me and The Whole? For I AM THE WHOLE.
This is your awakening. Deciding for yourself, THE TRUTH.
Does it FEEL GOOD?
If YES … it is YOUR TRUTH.
If no … It is not.
Live by that rule, Dearest souls. Do not be fooled by those you may have been taught to be ‘wise’ and therefore, knew better.
And in doing so … the TREASURES OF THE SOUL … whether upon Earth at the time or elsewhere … are yours.
Our LOVE for you lies deeper than your imagination in your position, allows you to FEEL.
Yet, if that feels right for you … if this is your TRUTH … then YOU KNOW THIS IS SO.
Love your work chaps! THANK YOU! In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.
Blossom Goodchild


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