Ascended Dragonflies 

and Fire Salamanders.

Through Galaxygirl.

Jauary 6th, 2020

Welcome to the higher dimensional vortex, friends of the way. We see you as friends through our many perspectives (I am seeing compounded lenses viewing of flowers and faces). You may be curious as to why we came through. We are an aspect of the Antarians. Some of their DNA was contributed as were all the star systems into Gaia’s vast DNA resource pool. And so as you have recently felt the vibration of the Antarians, so too shall we pleasantly make ourselves known.
We are an aspect of the fairies, of the fairy elementals that appear in broad daylight in your world but camouflage themselves as dragonflies. Fairies fly high, fast and free. Such is the joy of being in a small body with gentle winds that blow, riding on the sweet scents of the roses, of the flowers. Chasing bumble bees as they levitate along. Flying is one of the greatest of joys. We love to fly. We come through today to share our joy with you at the ascension of humankind.
We are the Ascended Dragonfly Collective. We encompass many upon your world. To you our lifecycles seem short but in reality it is us bending time, it is our concept and perception of time and our experience of it that make our lives seem shorter than they are in actuality. For we can bend time. Soon you too shall be hopping in and out of time streams with the ease of the dragonfly. We are showing you neon bright flowers that we enjoy. The colors of Nova Gaia are much more vivid – bright. We encircle you with these bright colors of the flowers that surround us. Higher dimensional codes they hold. We share them with you. (I feel them all flying around me in a vortex of color. These are not ordinary dragonflies. They are larger, brighter, more neon, and smiling in a dragon-fly like way). Our brothers and sisters, the Antarians, have healed us much in the same way that they offered rainbow healing to you yesterday. And so it goes. For all are connected. And now we offer you the higher dimensional joys of the inner earth to you, friend. See a neon flower of the brightest of hue. Hold it, tuck it inside your heart, behind your ear. Enjoy the warmth of the balmy breezes of Nova Gaia and be warmed from within.
We are the Ascended Dragonflies. We have not come through this one or any other before. We hope we have done well. We are quite new at this. But our love for you, friends, Nova Gaians, is eternal. We are many. We are sentient. We are wise. We are waiting for you with joy. We bridge the realms with ease, so too are you doing. So too, are you.
We Fire Salamanders speak now. We congregate in the inner planes, the dark crevices of deep inner earth, where we glow. We shine our light. Simple lives we live, hidden realms we dwell within. We light up the dark places, just as you, human reading this, you light up all around you. Your Christed light burns brightly, a torch to the lost. We hold codes. We hold secrets of the dark, untouched places where elementals recover from battles fought. We heal. We glow our healing. We see you as doing this with your prayers, your intentions. Our intentions are for healing, for blessing. Many of you do the same. You have been told very little about the earth, about Mother Gaia. You will soon know her more intimately.
Shifts. We see and feel shifts. The damp rocks tremble, not with fear, but with joy. Her heart is trembling with joy. Much change. We see and feel much change. For the dimensions are shifting. Rising. Thriving. Do not fear for the animals that have been vanishing in the fires. They are well protected and loved. They are here. They are in inner earth. We glow for them. We heal for them as well. We hold the codes. We ground the light. Partner with us. We love you. Always.
We are the Fire Salamanders. We are not in your books of now, but in ancient writings, cave pictures. There was a time when we were not so hidden. We were sought for our glowing, and so we hid. We heal deep within Gaia now. We cool the fires with our light. The animals are protected, recovering, rebirthing. Nova Gaia will see the returning of many species. Safely they have been here in this space. We too bridge the realms. We love you. Hold the light. Glow brightly. We are the Fire Salamanders.



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