Essential Oils for Focus, Productivity and Cognitive Functions.

By Guest Author.

May 10th, 2019


essential oils for focus.


Did you know that essential oils can help you boost your cognitive functions, such as focus and memory, and improve your productivity?
In the modern, hectic world that we inhabit, many of us will have had moments in our day where our frame of mind does not match what is needed at the time. It could be the feeling of ‘fogginess’ in the first few hours of the morning once we have risen from our slumber, or the afternoon sluggishness felt after a heavy lunch.
Either way, your mind simply refuses to get into the correct gear required. For some, this can seriously hinder the productivity of a day at work, or in the more serious cases, affect someone’s mental wellbeing in the long term.
We all want to be productive, and we all want to be able to relax too when the time is right. So how can we give ourselves the best chance of achieving these goals? Well, essential oils can certainly help boost your focus and other cognitive functions.
For those who are new to the world of essential oils, one of the key aspects of their appeal is the fact that they are totally natural. Also knows as volatile and ethereal oils, essential oils are obtained from their specific plant by distillation, most often using steam.
Products that often contain them are perfumes, soaps, and other cosmetics. Due to the fact they are derived from a whole plethora of different plants, they have some very different effects.
While one may invigorate, another may make the user feel a sense of relaxation. Because of this, it is important to make sure you know which oil is most likely to garner the required effect.

Boosting your focus with essential oils

For those looking to get their brain into a more focused state, there are essential oils available that will help you do just that.
Feeling a little frazzled in the morning? Simply add a few drops of lemon or peppermint to your oil diffuser, let the fragrance fill the room, and see how your concentration manifests. If lemon or peppermint isn’t your thing, there are countless other options out there for those who would prefer a different fragrance.
Amongst the more popular options are frankincense, rosemary, or clary sage, so if you find one flavour a little overpowering, simply move onto another and see if it suits you better.
Such is the sheer volume of essential oils on the market, finding one that helps you focus and is also appealing to your sense of smell is all part of the fun.

Sleeping well helps you work well

Once your working day is done, you may find it difficult to unwind in the hours before you go to bed. This, in turn, can lead to a bad night’s sleep and difficulties concentrating when back at the office the next day.
Many of us have trouble ‘switching off’ in the evenings, partly due to hectic work-lives and partly due to issues with modern phenomena such as mobile phone and tablet usage. If you fall into this category, essential oils can yet again be the answer to your problems.
Oils such as cedar wood can help you unwind naturally, letting your stresses and strains melt away, and allowing you to fall into a relaxing and beneficial slumber.
Other oils such as lavender can also help you fall asleep faster, while many users have also reported that some oils can even help those of us who suffer from the dreaded and much-maligned problem of snoring.
If you are finding yourself drained and tired throughout the working week, start to address this problem by making sure you are getting enough rest.

Tired and forgetful? Essential oils might help

Another issue that plenty of us suffer from, especially as we get older, is memory loss. Now, serious memory loss can be a symptom of something quite serious, but if you are simply finding yourself becoming a little forgetful during your workday.
At least one experiment conducted by the University of Northumbria found that rosemary can have a positive effect on people over 65 years of age in regards to their memory function. Other tests have shown evidence that rosemary could stimulate brain tissue due to various compounds found within the plant itself.
This shouldn’t be taken as a ‘complete fix’ for memory loss (especially if it is severe or degenerative), but rather a useful tool for tasks that may require you to be a little more ‘on the ball’ when it comes to recalling information.
Pair the use of rosemary with a healthy diet of fatty fish (full of wonderful Omega 3 oils which are known to aid the building of brain and nerve cells), and you should be well on your way to boosting your memory.
At the very least, you will put yourself in the best position to improve your performance in this particular department.

Essential oils are another string to your bow

It should be said that essential oils are not a ‘one size fits’ all miracle cure. Instead, these wonderfully useful oils should be used in conjunction with other tactics, to achieve the desired results.
If you have trouble sleeping, cutting out alcohol and sugars before bed garners huge benefits, while essential oils could be the icing on the cake for giving yourself the restful recuperation you need.
Different oils have vastly different properties, so if you are new to the essential oils game, grab yourself a few tester bottles, and see just how useful each of these oils can be.
Having a selection at your disposal means that you can adjust the oil to suit your needs hour by hour. Wake up with some peppermint, add a few drops of rosemary in your diffuser during the day, and when it comes to bedtime, move into cedar wood territory.
Pairing these essential oils with a healthy lifestyle, eating well, and exercising should put you in the best possible position to counter any issues like poor focus or memory loss. This, in turn, will help you work more effectively and efficiently.


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