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March 30th, 2020


day 8 on the big mother planet.


The old ego-driven world is collapsing and everything that is occurring now is a result of this world dying off. It is a very necessary transformation that is allowing for an adjustment in the balance of all things on the planet. Within this process a powerful healing is taking place which is enabling the birth of a new soul-guided reality. With this rebirth a new state of connection will ensue to once again realign us with nature and the Earth.

It may seem that challenges are building bringing more chaos and confusion but this is only emphasising the need for change. As this need increasing, and it will, it is essential that you root yourself in the Earth and allow yourself to feel her abundant energy. As you do so, your energy will shift awakening the ever flowing well of creativity that resides deep inside of you. It is this creativity that will help you to find answers and solutions to the challenges you face now. Do not be drawn into the what seems wrong at this time. Do not act from a place of fear and cling to the old. Place your awareness and your attention on that which empowers you. See the benefits of this temporary non action as it is a gift which has been orchestrated for your highest good.

Much Love.

Kate Spreckley




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