By AarayA from Sirius

The Sirian Messenger.

Through Dinnho Beduzupo.

Translation from Portuguese: May 19, 2020.




Beloved Souls, Greetings!

As stated a few times - and confirmed by countless serious channels - High Spirituality works hard in favor of the legitimacy of all things, with method and discipline. In other words, your spiritual / magnetic support remains firm and at your side, dear Terran, in the sense of showing you more and more to the engaged and enthusiastic of the Good News.

We affirm that the best of all things are in full swing, bringing out of each new situation more of what they once committed to, still in the astral. In this sense, there is the loving alert to the other Servers of Light:

Stay focused on what adds up to the positive. Get away from what they hijack you from your good anchoring. Density has several tools at the service of its energy stagnation, so pay attention to venous distractions disguised as information *. No matter how attentive your spiritual / magnetic protectors may be, without your efforts for the proper maintenance of your anchoring, synchronicity is not established and intention is replaced by illusion.

We Syrians have just left, together with sister lineages in Light, of heavy and exhausting work on the minds of some of their political leaders and supporters, due to the energy harassment they suffer from Shadow-workers. Those who are infiltrated in this cause are excited, trying to harm as many as possible to them through these weaknesses that always end up facilitating the work of the dark minions of low vibration.

Despite the best results achieved, we will have to return to the same points soon, to untie certain knots that still maintain those consciousnesses assisted by the shadows by the effect of astral contracts, with the intention of preparing the area for the New that they will begin to access even in this month of your linear time. We are happy with the new possibilities, as everything runs towards positive results for the health of all of you.

The activities in the Astral Field are accelerated, as many improvements will still be delivered soon, you know. And a large part of this is due to the good anchoring of those who have positively surrendered to the phase of social detachment for spiritual self-improvement, thus elevating relevant points on the planet, rebalancing the Gaia chakras.

We could not end this session without registering here our gratitude for each one of you who dared to follow your missions and illuminated the delicate phase through which humanity is going through with its prayers, its anchors, its meditations, its magnetic elevations as a whole. You have made and make the positive difference that is expected of a true Server of Light! [smile]

Heia Sun! (Let there be light!)


AarayA of Sirius

Dinnho Beduzupo


CHANNEL NOTE: I admit that seeing this exhibition recorded in that text was strange to me at first, but I now understand the importance of these examples. Sirians are very intuitive so they can create metaphors in the form of very diverse, and even fun, images. The fact is that we are very supported by our “spiritual cavalry”, and we do not always realize how much. Does not matter. What counts is the feeling of gratitude that must always be at the forefront of all occurrences. And so it is!


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