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daily inspiration 24 may 2019.


We are entering into a time of full soul embodiment where we are able to access the wisdom and timelessness of our soul. A time that will enable us to fully heal, restore and reconnect to the power and destiny of our soul. As a result, our spiritual awareness is expanding helping us to heal lifetimes of karmic patterning and programming. We are retrieving and restoring our original essence and radiance. We are anchoring the higher vibrational energies of our authentic cosmic consciousness, which is shifting our perception and thus our reality.

It is important during this time of integration and transition that you maintain an observer position. Observe what is coming up for you as this is an indication of what is being released. Seek resolution but recognise and realise that now is the time for you to acknowledge the unique role you have in the overall evolution of humanity. Your true self is being called to engage with the world. Listen to its voice and you will recover the courage you need to emerge into wholeness.
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