Each of You is Declaring the Freedom to Be.

Brenda Hoffman.

Channeled Message,


on February 28th, 2020

posted March 4th, 2020
Dear Ones,
You are likely discovering that you float between anger, fear, and joy. Not because you need to, but because your being is shifting so rapidly, you do not know who you are.

That unknowingness is compounded by those surrounding you, those just awakening. For just as you are not functioning as you once did, neither are they. So you might find yourself at cross-purposes with those closest to you. Such is so because each of you is declaring the freedom to be.

Even though you do not remember your terrible teens, your parents do. You are now the more mature being observing the silliness, the emotional growing pains of those just awakening. So it is you are functioning as is most right for you, only to discover that those actions irritate the ones you love. Or their actions irritate you.

Nothing is as it once was. And nothing is as you think it should be. For the parameters that held you and others in 3D are disappearing daily.

So much irritates you.

Your directional focus is disturbed by those just awakening. Thoughts of “Leave me alone” or “How can you not understand my need for independence?” permeate your being when interacting with those frightened by their newly awakened emotions and needs.

So it is you are exhausted wondering if you need to exit the relationship – whatever that relationship is.

We suggest you allow settling time, just as we allowed for you during your erratic initial transition stages. As was true for you, those now awakening are searching for someone or something outside themselves to explain why they feel and act as they do. For their anger and fear is as disturbing to them as it is to you.

Not all those now of the earth are in the awakening stage. So you wonder why you want to continue that special relationship while other humans seem more “normal,” for they are not undergoing the erratic shifts of those close to you.

In truth, the erratic behaviors of those awakening are not much different than was true for you as a 3D teen or a newly awakened being. The key difference is they are moving through their transition phases more rapidly than did you. So their actions are more erratic and, therefore, noticeable.

Most likely, you were not as disruptive during your initial transition phases because your transition happened over years or many months. Those close to you are completing the same phases in days – a month at the most. And they are doing so because of you. Your beacon pulled them into the light, allowing them to remember who they are – gods and goddesses of the Universe.

Do you remember years ago when we informed you that even though all of you were on stage, your unique roles required different times in the spotlight? Think of those close to you as your understudy, watching your every move knowing they will soon assume a similar role.

You once looked to the Universes and humans you believed were more advanced than you. Until you no longer needed the reassurances of the Universes or other transition travelers. So it is now that those close to you know you are someone they want to be. So they watch you closely trying to emulate your moods and actions. This irritates you, for you no longer wish to have anyone following you. You wish to be an independent Universal being. And you want the same for all, including your loved one.

You find the thought that those close to you want to be like you abhorrent – either consciously or subconsciously. So as is true for most older brothers or sisters, you try to “ditch” your understudy to continue your growth.

Ah, such is not as easy as you would like. Not because your approach is wrong, but those following have not yet claimed their self-hood. Such will shift rapidly.

But know that for the next few days, you and your loved one might be at cross-purposes. Just as your younger siblings were likely irritating until they evolved into their mature being. A maturity that might have included some of your mindset, but not a carbon copy of you.

Please have the patience for those awakening within your circle of friends or family. They want to be you – until they wish to be unique. That is when you will reconnect with them stronger than ever.

Will the relationship survive? Most likely, for they love and admire you enough to be like you, to be your understudy. Such does not happen because of hate. But instead, because of love and misguided beliefs that somehow you know everything they do not.

In a few days, they will claim themselves – much to your joy and their peace of mind. For in trying to be like you, they will find themselves lost.

It is only when they find their path, their role, will they relax and return to the full partnership you two once enjoyed.

They cannot be you. You cannot be them. Your new meeting point is where they claim themselves. Just as you once did. Even though their independent awakening will happen within days, they now feel like a bothersome younger sibling. This, too shall pass – much more rapidly than your current irritation believes possible.
So be it. Amen.

Brenda Hoffman

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