Dreams about the Ocean:

Interpretations and Meanings

Janey Davies, B.A.


March 22nd, 2020.

dreams about the ocean.
Dreaming about the ocean can be relaxing, exhilarating or downright terrifying. To understand dreams about the ocean, you have to look at the condition and the context of the ocean.
However, as a rule of thumb, oceans represent our emotions, often hidden deep within our subconscious. So whenever you are analysing oceans in dreams, take this into account.
Interpretations of Dreams about the Ocean
What was the ocean like in your dream?
Calm Ocean
This indicates stability and emotional balance in your life. You feel happy with your health and mental wellbeing and have control over the important aspects of your life. You feel at peace with the world and are relaxed and optimistic about the future.
Clear Ocean
If you can see wildlife and plants waving and ebbing and flowing in a crystal clear ocean, it is a sign of spiritual happiness. It also means you have the wherewithal to ride out any potential problems that are coming your way.
Dark Ocean
If you could not see into the depths of the ocean, you are experiencing a fear of the unknown. You are worried about the future and are having trouble managing negative emotions.
Turbulent Ocean
Waves or rough seas are a sign of problems to come, or risks to overcome. The greater the wave, the higher the problem or risk.
Raging Ocean
This indicates an attack on you that is particularly violent and upsetting. Be on your guard; you won’t know when or where this attack will come from.
Deep Ocean
Deep ocean dreams indicate the depth of your emotions. It is how you felt in this deep water that matters. Were you relaxed or frightened?
Pink Ocean
Pink is the colour of romance, but in this instance, it represents sexual desire. The desire you feel is not appropriate and your subconscious is warning you against taking action.
Shark-infested ocean
Being in an ocean full of sharks is a warning against false friends. Beware of treacherous behaviour from people you trust.
They are not your friends.
Those are types of oceans and what they represent, but it is important to understand the context of your dream as well.
What were you doing in your ocean dream?
Sailing across the ocean
This dream is about navigating your way through life’s problems with optimism and confidence. You feel like you can overcome any challenge that comes your way.
Swimming in the ocean
Again, this is a dream of confidence. Dreaming of swimming in deep waters suggests you feel capable and in charge of your life. However, if you can’t swim, this dream represents your fears and worries about real-life problems.
Fell in the ocean
Were you in deep over your head? This is a metaphor for how you feel in real life. Your subconscious is telling you that you need support and help with a problem you are struggling to deal with.
Diving in the ocean
Diving headfirst into a deep ocean implies you are ready for a challenge. You want to dive straight in and sort the problem out. It also indicates a trip or a period of travelling.
Floating in the ocean
Floating all depends on the state of the ocean and how you felt. If it was calm and you were relaxed, this indicates you are at peace with the world. However, turbulent waters that frightened you suggest turmoil in your private life.
Fell off a boat
You are drowning in a sea of emotions. People usually have this dream after a sudden loss or bereavement.
Swimming in the ocean
Swimming indicates success in your recent endeavours. This is a sign you will overcome your challenges by hard work and pressing forward. If you swam to the horizon, you can expect a relationship to change.
Riding the waves of the ocean
This confidence you feel whilst riding the waves is reflected in real life. You feel all-powerful and ready to take on the world. In fact, you are excited and exhilarated to take on new challenges. However, if you felt wobbly whilst riding, this means you want to become more proficient.
On a ship in the ocean
This ocean dream is a powerful message to you that you can navigate your way through any of life’s trials and tribulations.
Lost at sea
Lost in the expanse of the ocean means you feel at a loss with your emotions. You need to get back to terra firma, onto solid ground.
Of course, these are all dreams about being on or in the ocean. What if you are on the shore or beach and can see the ocean?
Dreams about the Ocean Shore
Walking along a calm and beautiful shoreline indicates the possibility of a new romantic partner or a new passion in life. The calm nature means you can take your time to this new passion.
Ending up on the shore after a shipwreck or swimming in the ocean indicates you are now on safe ground in real life. Have you come out of trauma recently? This dream shows that everything worked out well and that you made the right decision.
Where you on the shore and wanted to get into the ocean? This represents your desire or longing for something just out of reach. Was there something in the ocean? This could be an indication of what you are wishing for.
Stepping in or over seaweed is a cautionary warning. It grows naturally at the water’s edge so it is a sign of personal growth in your own life. But you can also get tangled up in it so watch out.
Picking up seashells from the shore suggests someone is going to tell you a secret or reveal one about you. It could be someone close to you that trusted.
Anyone who dreams of lying on the beach with waves rolling over them needs to control their emotions. The ebb and flow of the tide indicate changing emotions; one moment you are happy the next sad.
Tsunamis are terrifying in real life and in dreams about oceans. This dream revolves around intense stress and worry. It is an anxiety dream that represents your panic in real life.
Final thoughts
Dreams about oceans can reveal the state of our emotions. They are a useful insight into our subconscious, but only if we interpret them properly.
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