Dreams about Retirement.

Teacher: The Damascus Scribe (Sananda).

Received by George Barnard.

Illawarra District, Australia, June 8, 2019.

Posted July 1, 2019.

Akashic Construct - 11:11 Spirit Guardians

The Scribe: “For ‘almost forever’ on this world your near-endless array of man-made religions has taught that after a most hectic life on solid ground you are entitled to ‘Requiescat in Pace’ and possible strumming a guitar or banjo whilst sitting on a cloud. However, some have come just a little closer to the eternal truth by again putting you back to work to reach perfection, but back on this very same world. Drats! 

“We all know and understand that such a concept was originated by clear vision but those who have found their contact with lowly Midwayer to God-head and evolving Deity have lost their religion, yes, to a man (or a woman)and they now see themselves as young spiritual beings. Religion has been set aside. It was needed, a stepping stone, the training wheels to a deeper understanding. 

George: “The often-repeated marking on so many grave-stones, ‘Requiescat in Pace’, or ‘stay cool till the next batch of sleeping subjects is ready to go’ no longer applies to them. They know they have a guaranteed three-day travel voucher good for ‘The Central Station’ of Mansonia One. 

The Scribe: “And these last tongue-in-cheekremarks (previous paragraph) are entirely the receiver’s, not Mine. We carry on with the lesson now. For those that have given no thought to eternal life, or even a Creator of all to exist, there is nothing to do when death is near but to wish for their lives to go on. And they shall live, be given a chance. Logically, their limited spiritual expertise will not be in great demand. However, many of those who have been casual throughout their lives have also been excellent neighbours and friends to others and such records will stand them in good stead. Death will be their final wake-up call. 

“It is much better to use the questioning mind you are born with and admit to the obvious that there’s likely to be a God, for Him or Her to give you a sign or to allow for that possibility, just in case. Those that do receive all the help they need, but ever-so-much more than you can imagine at this point in time, whilst you still live on a world as tough as Urantia. You will be greatly favoured being one of those who could know God without seeing His material representative on this earth. You will be gifted with a body that will hardly ever fail you, a soul that will grow each day, a mind that will gather much wisdom and retain it all. 

“Many things I can assure you of: You will rarely feel tired. You will always remain enthusiastic about your projects and not dream about retirement, guitars nor clouds and neither will you be advising your morontia companion what lumber to prepare for the un-needed roofs for his lecture theaters. 

“It is late. Get some sleep and rest in peace. This is the Damascus Scribe.”

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