Do you see and feel the tremendous energy shift...

Message from Yeshi.

Channeled by Galaxygirl.

May 14th, 2019.



Greetings friends, family of light, of love, of joy! I am your Sananda. You may call me Yeshi if you like, for that is my preferred Earth name. Much joy abounds currently up here in the higher dimensions, but I would like to say all around you as well. For do you see and do you feel the tremendous energy shift that is going on all around you? It is quite exciting, isn’t it? You, ground team, may be feeling a bit woozy and winded, exhausted as you transmute and ground these energy waves of bliss into Nova Gaia’s crystalline structure as it shifts, morphs and forms right under your feet.
Remember, the heart is an inter-dimensional gateway. Your body is a simply beautiful vehicle for this current expression of your own personal Source-fractal in this dimensional space. It is not all of you. No! That is what we mean by being multi-dimensional. Your higher aspects are many and we are all trying our very best to uphold you and support you in whatever way we can. You must tell us what you need, though. Is it a deal? Talk to me. Talk to your Yeshi, and tell me your concerns. I’ve been told I have the knack of a good listener. (Smile). Rest in my space, in this space, in this Now moment and feel how time-space holds you, see how you hold it. See how you are a master of time, of space, and feel the elements move through you and around you. See things through your third eye, through the eyes of love, of Source. Imagine the molecules twist, whirl and spin as life creates, forms, molds, shifts into yet something new. Form it into good things, lovely things, such as abundance, joy, laughter, light and bring those things with you to the table wherever you go. Be my living breath, be the breath of God wherever you go and light up the room with your joy! People flocked to me because they wanted a glimpse of this feeling, but truly this feeling, this state of higher dimensional awareness is yours to remember, to wield, to hold, to have, to create and to treasure.
You are heaven’s treasure. You need to remember your worth. It is time for humanity to once again stand strong, in the loving, strong arms of love of Mother / Father God, and stand together as one. My tears are streaming down my face as I look at you all, burning brightly, some a bit more fizzled than others, but burning nonetheless. You are all bright stars in my book, and you are lighting up this quadrant of the universe with brute strength and sheer will. It is not that you have not been broken, for life has taught you through many a hard knock. No. It is when you are broken and have had a chance to heal, you become stronger. Bones that are broken always heal stronger. So it is true, friend, that you have been made so much stronger by all of these experiences of wielding firelight against the dark and facing your own inner darkness simultaneously. You are warriors of the highest making. And now it is time to put down the sword and pick up the trowel, for there is much planting to do, planting of seeds of more light, of many projects that will bring joy to the multitudes.
Light looms large, friend. Light is here and it is you. Be the light. Be my hands and feet. Walk with me through your days. I, Yeshi, am always very pleased to speak with you. Jesus is not my preferred name. Please call me Yeshi or Yeshua. There is much to relearn of my lifetime, of my story, of my family. Such is for another time. But be open to possibilities of relearning and rediscovering deep joys and truths that have been long hidden, coming to light and being embraced by that innermost child part of you that innately knows the truth and embraces it with a headlong rush of joy!
I am your Sananda, your Yeshi, whatever you are most comfortable with. I am with you, friend. We walk together side by side as equals, as masters. Extend the love and light to the others. Feel my light and wrap it around you like at the linens we used to wear in the olden days. Feel their scratchy comfort, smell the hay, the dust, smell the honeysuckle nearby and hear the children laughing in the background. See, it is a nice moment, a memory. You will make many more lovely memories on your journey straight ahead as you walk into Nova Gaia, though there won’t be much dust there. It is green, lush, warm, balmy, fresh. It is lovely. No sore feet, just happy refreshed ones. (Laughing).
I am your Sananda, your Yeshi. Sit by the the well with me for awhile and tell me about your projects, about your concerns, about your troubles and let us find solutions together, arm in arm, comrades, friends. See me as your beloved brother, for I am. I love you. I pat you on the back and arms linked we will walk ahead side by side for as long as you like. I am with you for always, even until the end of the age. I believe I’ve said that before, and I have! (laughing) Although now it is into the new beginning, the new age, of the dawn of Aquarius, of the rebirth of all good things, of the rebalancing of the divine feminine and the divine masculine, of hope, of light, of joy, of balance, of harmony. Build this first within your heart and then all outward expressions of it will naturally flow to you. Meet the grit of the day with humor and a light-hearted touch, a tickle, a hug. Lighten the vibe around you and all will feel it. You will be the honeysuckle on the breeze for the others. You will be the laughing children in the backroom, and in so doing, the others will not be thinking so much about their blistered, dusty feet or their sandals that rub. No, they will be thinking of the lighter parts of themselves and sending those parts more light. Every thought, every well-wish that you make either builds light or builds empty space or anti-light. Be the light, and quite literally your intentions are creating Nova Gaia as we speak. As we speak! Well my friends, you have encouraged me, and I hope very much that I have lightened your load a bit. I love you. Hugs all around! I am your Yeshi! Aha! We rise



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