Do you Believe in Abundance?

Ivo of Vega

Via Sharon Stewart

Posted April 28th, 2020



Me: So you didn’t think I’d figure it out, did you Ivo?
Ivo: I did not, my love. So I gave you the answer. We have been scheduled to discuss limiting beliefs for a while and the subject did not come up. So I will tell you now, there is one belief that so few of you believe in on your planet and that is the crux of the matter: You do not believe in abundance. You believe in scarcity.
I refer to scarcity of money (lack), scarcity of good health (illness), scarcity of love (loneliness, abandonment), scarcity of friends, scarcity of employment, scarcity of common sense or intelligence is another scarcity many lament upon your planet. Your planet is the inverse of the galaxy – the galaxy thrives on its abundance. We believe in it and thus we create it for ourselves and we never have to go without.
Now your people are facing their scarcity issues. They are not allowed to work at this time and many are going without food, or cash. They are lining up for the food bank because they were caught unaware. Those who got wind of the impending lockdown, ran out to buy goods they would need and apparently a scarcity of toilet paper is not a thing you would wish to suffer so you in fact created that scarcity for others because of your own fears.
Your world is out of balance because most people believe in scarcity. They believe what they want will not be given to them. That is the crux of your problems on earth and how you have been able to be controlled – through an impovershed consciousness. Because you believe it is someone else’s job to provide what you need to you. As if you were children.
It is your own job to provide what you need for yourself. You are creators. And you have been tricked into creating lack for yourselves while others have stolen your abundance from you.
When you focus on a problem, you are in fact focusing on what is wrong or lacking, rather than what is abundant in your lives.
Your people’s one large limiting belief is the belief in scarcity, not in abundance. You are negative thinkers.
So my love, you wish to return to health. The way to do this is to focus on an abundance of health. You wish to return to wealth. The way to do this is to focus on an abundance of wealth. You have the love you desire in your life but at times you do not nurture this love as you are busy being focused on scarcity again.
When one overcomes this resistance to abundance, then the floodgates will open for them. But you believe that you are on earth to be limited, restricted, policed, obedient, controlled, manipulated, and that you must work for your life, which of course is an unfair system.
This is the crux of everyone’s problems. They believe in lack. You all do. If you all were to imagine a life for yourselves of abundance, what would that look like? When this video is over, sit and contemplate it.
My love, Ashtar had said in his last video (What CoVid 19 is Showing You) that we cannot give you all that you need to change the world in one fell swoop because it would be rejected. Why would an abundance of money be rejected by your people? Because you believe in scarcity.
So we cannot give you all, for example, a million dollars because the backlash would be worse than if we do it otherwise. Yes, I hear you saying you wouldn’t get any backlash from me, but have you ever HAD a million dollars in your wallet? In your bank account? Then how do you know how you would react?
We have to begin to give the people of earth their St Germaine funding slowly, and it has to be dispensed in such a way that feels legitimate to you. The people can complain about the cheapskate governments that are trying to break them and only giving them two thousand dollars when their business is going under. This is the way you are used to being grateful, so we must see to it that it is dispensed in such a way that is acceptable to you. Of course there is more money coming. When your people begin to believe that the money is coming for their benefit, not for their enslavement, and they begin to realize that working for a living is enslavement, not freedom, and it is certainly not the road to abundance for so many, then we will be able to move forward a notch. Their belief system will have changed to the extent that we can move the piece forward on the game board a notch. It is what you allow us, and right now you have a poverty mentality. Collectively, you hold these beliefs and we must find a way to change these beliefs a bit at a time.
Me: Interesting.
Ivo: Your monetary system was created to enslave you, and in living and working it, you saw life as a struggle. This is not abundance. And now we must move you to a more abundant mindset. This is the challenge now.
Abundance is the way of the universe; it is what the Creator wants for you. Not this.
You must focus now on what an abundant life would be like for you. In Sharon’s case, she would return to good health and have an abundance of energy, yes, even at 60 years old.
She would have the money she requires to buy her home to create a space station from, and to land ships. She would buy the necessary furniture and install a heated swimming pool so she could swim all year long.
She has managed, in fact, to create one thing of abundance for herself – and this is time. She has gone on a pension and now she has all the time she needs to do her soul’s work, this service for you. What impedes her progress is her poor health.
It is about what you believe you deserve. Having been born into a system where the average person was severely limited, you learn, without really contemplating it, that you do not deserve much. This must change, this is what we are accomplishing now with the St Germaine funds and debt forgiveness beginning.
But help us along now if you would. Sit for 10 minutes and think about how your life would look if you had the health, wealth and love necessary to thrive on earth. That is your home work. And ask why you are not providing these things for yourself now. Do not hate yourself, beat on yourself, blame yourself…. you did the best you could under these circumstances. But now it is time for your world to collectively embrace abundance.
There is no secret. Abundance is your birthright. It is due you. You have been creating it already but it was being stolen from you.
Ask yourself, how can you work and create a plentiful supply of wealth as designated by you, not by some outside force.
Ask yourself, how can you create wholesome health for yourself, regardless of what you have been told by doctors and physicians.
Ask yourself, how can you create the love that will fulfill you, how can you attract the people who will need the love you have to give?
These are the questions that change. These must be focused on with the mind because the mind is the creator of the physical condition.
You have been taught to be severely limited while in fact you are tremendous creators. This power has been exploited without your realizing it.
Me: Thanks Ivo.
Ivo: My love, it is time your world understand its plight. Individually and collectively, your people have been had. Now with GESARA law, your world will move to an abundant state where all will benefit and thrive.

Sharon Stewart
Youtube: SharonandIvoofVega.


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