Do Not Fear your Light 

Ivo of Vega

Via Sharon Stewart

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“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” Nelson Mandela

Ivo: You have been taught to fear yourselves. Your True Selves. Yes. What you are used to is your comfort zone and to break through it is to break through fear. Ask yourself, “What if everything you know and you think is wrong?” Not only that, my love, what if everything you think is an attack on yourself designed by your planet’s rulers to control you?

Me: Ivo, I can hear you talking to me all the time while I’m doing other stuff.

Ivo: I am guiding you, my love. You are taking a different approach to solving a problem in your life today because I told you to do something every day that you have till now believed impossible. Because it is possible. You are attempting to fix the electric motor in your camera’s zoom lens by feeding it energy. You understand that you can connect with technology because you were shown: you shut down a CD and then your computer with your mind.

So you believe that you can fix your camera without physical intervention. I believe it is possible, my love.

You have also moved objects with your mind and you have healed a dizziness problem by meditating on it.

It is a question of developing focus. A focused mind is like a laser beam. It directs a very powerful beam of energy towards a certain thing, and this focused energy beam is directed by the mind that is empowering it. We have created pyramids by joining up and focusing on the movement of these heavy stones, and they were cut to precision by our minds. Anything is malleable to the human mind, even a rock as hard as granite.

You do not understand who you truly are, however you have had “freak incidents” as you would call them, in the past where you have moved objects, shut down computers, healed yourself and predicted the future. There are more, we will start with these. You can do all these things, my love and so can anyone watching this video.

You are all capable of it. That is why the deep state uses distraction to keep you occupied at aimless pursuits – to keep your minds focused on things of no consequence. When you focus on what really matters, you can move mountains.

Sharon is showing this already as she has had an income increase of one third of her current income and this continues to increase. You can move mountains.

The objective is to focus on things you thought were impossible, and then to believe them possible. When you believe it is possible, you have overcome your mind and then you begin to use it as a tool of creation. It is already done by many on your planet who know how.

The Rosicrucians teach this in their workshops: how to focus your mind and then how to use it as such a tool.

When you do not understand who you are, you believe that you are born to chase balls, keep your house clean, to watch television and to work a job. These are the distractions. You believe in the power of the physical body yet the women have no such power as a man. Do you think that the Creator would create such an imbalance in his people? Women and men are both powerfully matched. Physicality has nothing to do with it.

Sharon has gone to the Abyss with Archangel Michael to fight off the dark entities and capture them. When you ask her when she is awake what she is capable of, she would never tell you that she could do this. However, she has had them around her house and sends them love, and they leave so she is beginning to understand.

It is teaching you, in the physical, that you are not just physical – you are metaphysical. Your powers encompass all of the Universe and yet you believe yourself to be worthy only of jobs such as stock boy, bell hop and fast food server. What a travesty! We know who you are, we knew you in Antiquity and we know what you are capable of. Feeding dead beef burgers to the public laced with GMO’s, toxic bread and chemical-laden drinks is your death, not your life. You need to wake up.

The more you leave your system, the more you will understand that it is enslaving you. You are powerful beings. Begin to do the things that others think you are crazy for attempting.

Me: Yeah, my father used to do stuff and we’d call him crazy. He used to do party tricks with match sticks but on the other hand he’d try to heal people and some said they felt better when he did. He liked hands-on healing.

Ivo: Yes. He was a Rosicrucian as well.

Me: Yes.

Ivo: He understood that you are metaphysical beings, not dependent on your bodies. He knew more about you then than you could ever know.

Me: He knew I was a lightworker before I did.

Ivo: Yes. So you can have some peace with him now knowing he understood you to some degree.

Me: Not everyone has a father born in 1927 that studied the I-ching and did the Course in Miracles. When he started, there was no putting the books down.

Ivo: And it helped him. He overcame many of the problems he was saddled with as a child of disturbed parents.

Me: Yes. Even just READING spiritual information raises your vibration.

Ivo: You must ponder the question, just sit and ponder, “What if everything I know, believe and think is wrong?” When you do this, you open yourself up to the idea that there is more to learn and to be corrected within yourself. Most of your people spend their lives either enjoying this false reality, or they spend their time living in such a way that does not trigger off their fears. When they do this, they can live comfortably, however they are being held hostage by their fears. The only way to live is to eliminate fears. One of your biggest fears is of your light, of your power. Humans were once gods on earth. Now look at what you have become.

Everything you believe about yourselves is entirely incorrect. You must embrace this idea and then go to seek the truth because it is coming back to your earth now.

You believe yourself to be a physical body that dies after 80 years. You are actually a god that, when fully empowered, can live for thousands of years.

You believe you need to find the items that you seek for your homes. In fact, you are creating them. Yes. When you look for an item in the store, it is there because you believe it will be.

Me: What if it’s sold out?

Ivo: Then it is not the item you require at this time.

Me: So if I go to the store to get celery to make vegetarian chili, and it’s not there, then it’s because I’m not supposed to be eating vegetarian chili at this time?

Ivo: Correct.

Me: Oh.

Ivo: Seek from the foods that are in the store and these are what you must have at this time, bearing in mind that many of the foods there are not healthy for the human being.

Me: So how come they’re there, then?

Ivo: Because you like them. This does not mean they are good for you. This is human intervention in its own natural process of spiritual health. These products are attacks on the body.

Me: I could just go to another store and get celery, Ivo.

Ivo: You could. But how often do you do that?
Me: True. I just leave it out of the recipe or throw celery salt in it.

Ivo: Life works differently than you think it does. Your lives are running on your intellects, and you do not take energy into consideration. You are manifesting constantly. The fact that the celery is not in the store or you have not picked it up anywhere else is indicative that you do not need to eat it at this time.

Me: That’s a whole different ballgame, Ivo.

Ivo: It is, my love. It is spiritual grocery shopping. Allowing the energies to speak to you.

Me: So what if people want to go on a cruise and that cruise is sold out?

Ivo: Then there is a better alternative for them. They must seek it out.

Me: What if they want to take a flight somewhere and the flight is booked up?

Ivo: There is a reason for this. Either they are to stay in the country they are in longer, they are not to be in the country they are to go to when they think, or there is a reason they must stay off that particular vehicle. For example, if their plane is delayed or they require a later plane, this could prevent the family member who is to pick them up at the airport from getting into a traffic accident. It could be any number of reasons, my dear. And it often has to do with timelines.

You lament when you do not get what you want, but in fact the lack of what you want is telling you something. You always get what you need, not what you want. You may be delayed from departing a party at the time you wish to, but had you gone earlier you may have run into the traffic stop and been given an alcohol test.

Me: They’re trying to stop drunk drivers from being found out?

Ivo: My love, I realize that your world is not keen on drunk driving. However some drunk drivers make it home with no problem. Much is being arranged for you as you go about your daily lives, even drunk drivers. When in fact there is an accident involving vehicles, whether there be drinking or not, it is because this accident was agreed upon as a vehicle for spiritual growth. And I might add, that some of you need to have your lives descend to these levels in order to put you back on a spiritual track.

My love, how many times have you heard a person say they were scheduled for a particular flight but could not get on. And then the plane had an accident and many died? They were not scheduled to die on that day. You call it lucky. We call it divine intervention or spiritual guidance.

I will make another point with you and that is the event of the car accident you had when you were 16. This was in fact an Illuminati attempt to kill you. I was very aware of this as well as your parents, Vary and Leo, and as you departed your sister’s house to get into your car that night you heard us very loudly and clearly tell you not to drive home. We urged you to stay the night at your sister’s house. But you listened to your intellect, which of course, has no precognitive ability at all, and got into the car. The thunder storm itself was a sign you could have refused to go home, at least until it blew over the area but you ignored that as well. This was simply a circumstance where you were allowed to hear us in your decision making because your life was in danger. We realized after that night, that you were not in the habit of listening to voices in your head even when they are clearly arguing with you, and so we used other tactics until such time we felt that you might decide to listen. Even then, we were disappointed when you refused to listen to us even when our voices were proven correct.

Me: Yeah, I remember that. The time I was told to stop at the teller machine instead of using my debit card at the store, and then the store’s debit machine wasn’t working.

Ivo: We had to work with you, and we still do, to get you to listen to our guidance.

People have guidance from their guides every day, even if they are not telepathic, and circumstances are created to prevent you from experiencing things, or to allow you to experience them, depending on what is for your greatest good.

That is what life is about. Not your idea that the can of brown beans has been sitting in the market as the store restocks it. They are there because you are meant to have them. Look at your life from a more personal metaphysical approach.

Me: Okay.

The entire function of life in the physical plane is perceived differently by your limited intellect. Every moment of your life is in fact a metaphysical experience.

Now, we must continue on from this first lesson. Now we will discuss “What if everything you think is an attack on yourself designed by your planet’s rulers to control you?” Because it is.

When you grocery shop, you can buy celery, or you can buy a tub of ice cream. Do you know what they put into ice cream? If you did you would not eat it.

Me: I heard they put wax in chocolate. I don’t eat chocolate bars anymore.

Ivo: This is true. You also tasted nicotine a couple weeks ago when you sipped your decaf coffee. My point is, eating the celery if organic particularly, and nourished with vitamins to support your body is healthy, a good choice. Eating ice cream which is loaded with sugar and other indigestible non-organic compounds, is an attack on your body. Yet your people consider it a delicacy.

Not only is eating the ice cream an attack on your bodies, so is dieting. Controlling your body is an attack on it. Eating the wrong foods is an attack on it. And believing you are fat is also an attack on it. But how common are all of these things? You do not respect your bodies because you have been taught not to. You have been taught to attack them. As Jesus says, you live in an attack culture.

Me: True.

Ivo: We were speaking of ladies’ magazines the other day. You mentioned you were surprised that a particular ladies’ home magazine was still being sold. You remember the days of apronned housewives pushing vacuum cleaners and washing dishes in this magazine, as well as coupons and advertisements for chemically-laden products. Now look at the incidence of breast cancer in your western world today and compare it to third world countries who do not use all these chemicals. These magazines and the chemical products they tout are an attack on the divine feminine. What is being advertised in all womens’ magazines is the dark feminine model, which is a creation of the dark ones in order to oppress women.

So then it became necessary for women to enter the workplace in larger numbers. Your women were told that they were being emancipated.


Ivo: So now, in fact, who looks after the children? Requiring women to go to work is an attack on the family system. There are many latch key children and many boxed pizza dinners being eaten as there is no time to cook nutritious meals. Mother is overburdened with all the work she has to do and this is also by design. This is an attack on the divine feminine. How can you discover your divinity with a vacuum in one hand, too exhausted to do anything but watch television when you get home from work?

It is all an attack on your people. The goal is either to reduce your energy and keep you in a lower state of being, or to attack the divine feminine and keep her from being realized within all of you, men as well.

This is why when GESARA is implemented across the world, as it now has been begun in Russia, funds will be given in order to reduce the necessity of working, which will allow you to follow your spiritual path again, not enact your intellectual roles.

Me: Thanks Ivo.

Ivo: My love, you will never lift a finger with me. All of our systems are automated and there is no such thing as a housewife. Mother is a natural role, as is father, however becoming a slave to a cleaning regime is unheard of on Elteron.

Sharon Stewart

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