Do not Fear the Coronavirus, 

do not Fear the Many Changes.

White Winged Collective of Nine.

Channeled via Galaxygirl.

March 25, 2020.


Much turmoil is presently being felt upon your surface world. It is akin to the tilling of the soil for preparation for planting. Consciousness has been seeded, ideas are sprouting. The garden is being planted. (I am seeing beautiful fields of tulips, I am seeing lush forests with young trees inter-mingling with the ancient trees). 

The consciousness that has been seeded is global, the changes are worldwide with lasting effects. Humanity can no longer dismiss the awakenings of spirit.

We are the White Winged Collective of Nine. 

Do not fear the Coronavirus, do not fear the many changes. Catalyst for change was needed. As fertilizer to the soil so that the young plants can thrive and survive, so this virus has been benevolently repurposed as an impetus for change, for humanity to band together, for the dark to show its ugly face to the light for healing. 

It is time to heal your world. Gaia is in desperate need. You were well aware of her cry for help, which is why you were brave enough to embody. We repeat this. You were brave enough to embody, therefore you are brave enough to still be embodied. Do not leave in this critical juncture of timelines, of light infusion. Now is when you are most needed. Hold the light. 

The heavens are watching, leading, guiding, comforting. Many such as this one has been beyond exhausted as you integrate these upgrades, these changes into your surface world. It is the true the light is intensifying with every moment, for the light reveals all. The light is seeded for the seedlings of truth that have been planted in the tilled soil to flourish. (I am seeing tilling machines, with blades deep into the soil in the clay). 

Some places of your world that have been inundated with the dark energies are experiencing more tilling, more soil breakup. More light, more fertilizer to these areas. Do not be afraid, for fear hardens the ‘clay’ of the lower energies and lowers your immunity. The light is your immunity. 

We are aware this may not be a popular post or idea, but we lovingly remind you that Source is in all things, the light is winning, has won, is simultaneously winning. The darkness that you are seeing play out are the weeds and the poisonings of the soil that has been there for eons, now is simply the time that it is being exposed. The cleansing of Gaia is to commence, is commencing. Be at peace.

We are the White Winged Collective of Nine. 

We wish to offer you a blessing of peace so that these words offer the intended vibratory effect, calming, soothing. May we lovingly gently remind that you are to anchor the light. You are not the farmer plowing the fields. You are not working the tilling machine. You are grounding the light, shining your light on the weeds, spreading your light into the earth so that all is healed. 

It is a joyful task when in the right vibratory codex, and so we wish to assist with upping your vibration a bit, for a moment, so that these moments of healing become Gaia’s moments of healing. The light workers are banding together in new, interesting, integrating and exciting ways. Your internet, your inter-web of consciousness is providing such new avenues of connection. Technology is also being repurposed as the light shines deeper, more fully.

We surround you with our white wings. See the energies of Alcyone above you shining deep into you, igniting further your own individuated Source light within. (I am seeing a pink ball of light glowing and expanding within me). Feel the divine feminine reemerging, healed, whole. (I am seeing rainbow light all through my body). 

Feel the rainbow bridge become activated once more within you. We say once more because many of you have already achieved the ascension experience many times in former human and other embodiments. This is Gaia’s moment, you are here for Gaia’s ascension, for you are well familiar with ascension in other ways. 

All is ascending in this moment; ideas, consciousness, your planetary mother. The light is also revealing all that has also chosen to not ascend. Send them light and release them from your field, from Gaia’s field. Be the light and anchor it. We are spinning around you now, creating a vortex of light igniting further your own angelic DNA. Be comforted. You are strong enough for this. It is your time to fly. 

The light has won, this is just becoming solidified in this now moment on your planetary surface world.

We are the White Winged Collective of Nine. 

Be at peace.


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