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daily inspiration 25 june 2019.

It is essential that our life match the energetic vibration of our soul. We achieve this by releasing ourselves from the needs and requirements of our ego and allowing our life to unfold in accordance with our soul's divine plan. As this process unfolds powerful awakenings, healings and releases occur encouraging us to review, assess and reexamine our relationships, connections and life experiences.

Impressive shifts are occurring now changing how you perceive yourself, your world and your place in the world. Consciously working with the needs and purpose of your soul will enable new inspiration and creativity to flow. With this flow your consciousness will naturally shift and expand generating a new state of being, which will allow you to powerfully expand your light into the world. Choose now to clear any remaining unresolved residue from all aspects of your life. Allow the energetic prompting of your soul to guide. Use this time to gain fresh insights and a new divine perspective that will facilitate healing, growth and evolution.
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