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Would you like to make sense of your soul patterns and contracts, clear out challenging karma, and resolve challenges carried over from other lifetimes? All this and more is possible, when you open up to your Akashic records.
What exactly are the Akashic records? Well, pioneers of human consciousness and quantum science describe this field as a cosmic memory field that contains all information — past, present, and future. Most importantly, your Akashic records contain your soul plan and details of the contracts your soul has made in order to fulfill its highest plan and purpose.
Join spiritual teacher Lisa Barnett for an incredible FREE video event – Lisa will teach you how to journey into your Akashic records and how to work with them to reclaim your soul gifts.
  • Discover to resolve specific questions related to your health, relationships, life’s journey, and soul’s gifts through your own Akashic records
  • Experience a journey into the Akashic Records, which will include a karmic clearing AND an opportunity for you to reclaim a past-life gift
  • Understand the difference between your soul patterns and your soul lineage (who you’ve been throughout time)
  • Gain a new understanding of “soul contracts” and a more expansive view of you as a soul, a human, and a divine being
Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how the Akashic Records can help you untangle baffling situations in your life and align you with pure, unconditional love and support that’s available to you at all times!
Register for this FREE event here – you’ll receive a downloadable recording if you can’t attend live. See you there!
Mind at the Centre – The Radical Liberation of My Mental World.


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