Delayed gratification is inconceivable and impossible when there is only now.

 Jesus (Isa) via John Smallman


June 17th, 2019



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All of us here in the non physical realms are enormously, and enthusiastically cheering you on, as the awakening process that has enveloped humanity, and for which all of you reading or listening to this message are doing such great work, essential work that can only be done by those who are in form, races ahead towards completion.  It is a truly massive undertaking that God, in His infinite Wisdom, meticulously planned when you chose to experience the unreal state of separation.  Now its time has arrived and it is proceeding apace.

All over the planet there is amazing evidence arising to demonstrate that humanity is most definitely awakening from its eons long dream or nightmare of separation from Source.  Awareness is growing rapidly among all of humanity that separation from the energy field of life and love that is all That Exists is utterly impossible, especially now that quantum field theory has shown conclusively that everything is inseparably connected to everything else.

Skepticism about the unseen, the formless, is lessening as more and more people have personal experiences that make it absolutely clear to them that the world of form is but a tiny and fleeting aspect of divine Reality, All That Is, and then share those experiences with many, many more through books, talks, podcasts, and blogs.  What for so long was either a matter of blind faith or a matter of utter disbelief is now being uncovered as a deep inner knowing, that had been forgotten or hidden, and as it arises once more into people’s conscious awareness it brings them much peace and comfort, demonstrating that life, existence has a true and divine purpose, a purpose that is constantly being expressed, shared, and extended through the energy field of Love that eternally embraces all of creation.

Love is Reality, It is the life-force that you avail of to activate your human forms.  There is nothing else, because there is no need for anything other than Love.  You are all One within the infinite field of Love as you express yourselves individually and creatively within It.  Everything you think, say, or do affects all of creation, instantly!  There is no thing!  There is only You, at One with Source, as you express myriad aspects of Love creatively and endlessly in infinite joy.  Now you are awakening to the wonder of this divine Truth, the only Truth, and as you do so your amazement and delight intensifies.  Truly you are infinitely and divinely blessed in every moment of your eternal existence, and that is becoming increasingly apparent as your awakening process intensifies, and the dream that you have been living and experiencing for so long gently and inevitably fades away.

You have no need of any dreams, of any imaginary unreal states of existence, because Reality is REAL, and is a “place” of permanent intense joy.  God, Who is Love, creates in joy for the delight of all creation, thus offering to all sentient entities more possibilities and potentialities for creative living than they can ever conceive of while they remain unawakened in form.  The glorious and exquisitely beautiful endeavors in which you will engage when you do awaken will astound you, even though you know that the possibilities and potentialities available to you are completely beyond limit.  You have spent eons living in limitation, and although all memory of those limiting disincentives and deterrents to your creative talents will be forgotten, the seemingly new found freedom to express yourselves fully without let or hindrance of any kind will feel new and enticing, encouraging you most enthusiastically to experiment and experiment in enraptured wonder, because every idea that occurs to you, which they will in brilliant clarity, can be engaged with and brought forth immediately.

There is no time!  Reality is NOW!  Therefore whatever you choose to conceive of is instantly present and available to surprise and delight you.  Delayed gratification is inconceivable and impossible when there is only now, and eternal joy continually unfolds as your creative endeavors build and swell to form beautiful innovations that interact and intermingle in symphonies of harmonious and artistic collaborations, producing new and wondrous variations of unspeakable beauty in the infinitely variable energy field that is Reality.

The astounding and endless joy that you will experience in your newly awakened state will make your hearts sing, and the song will be the most enchanting and uplifting song of praise to Mother/Father/God and to the One that is You, as you are lovingly embraced in the divine Presence – a field of Love of infinite vastness – and know yourselves seemingly for the first time.  In truth it will be a remembrance of or a return to Reality in all your divine glory – the return of the prodigal One to the Home from which she never departed.  And as you can no doubt imagine . . . just a little . . . your welcome will be out of this world!  The celebration of this most wondrous moment in this most wondrous moment can in no way be described or envisioned in advance, it has to be experienced, felt, lived, engaged with, and shared in delighted rapture.

Infinite and everlasting joy most enthusiastically awaits your ecstatic awakening, therefore prepare yourselves to engage in the most massive and amazing celebrations as you all awaken.

Your loving brother, Jesus.


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Everything indicates that the name Jesus is not true. It seems that it was the Pharisees who gave this name with scorn since it means something like "the rejected one". The church of Rome adopted it in the year 315.
According to a work received via Morse type radio signals in the 1980s, the second book in the Phoenix Journal series "AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL --- I AM SANANDA" his real name seems to be "Essu Immanuel".




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