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daily inspiration 27 may 2019.


As we consciously observe and connect with the evolutionary processes currently underway, we are able to feel the abundant energy that is available to us now. Engaging with the full power of this energy ignites a creative force within us that we can utilise to create our new reality. The more we expand into our soul essence the more access we have to this creative energy and power. With more access we can direct this force into physical manifestation creating a reality that is directed and guided by our soul.

Explore your your thoughts, your feelings and the new possibilities being presented to you now. Be mindful of your thoughts, your actions and your deeds. Examine your attitudes and your actions. Be sure that everything you say and everything you do is of the highest integrity. Are you looking to manifest the needs and wants of your ego or the hopes and dreams of your soul? Are you able to be flexible and adaptable or are you trying to control outcomes? Are you being influenced by the patterns and programming of the past or are you receptive to the inner promptings of your soul? Do not let the past hold you back. Now is the time to be conscious, purposeful, courageous and daring.

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