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daily inspiration 6 may 2019.

It is our soul, in partnership with the Divine Creator, that decides how it will manifest the experiences needed to heal, grow and evolve in human form. Our soul, on its journey to earth, birthed itself from the heart of creation, travelled through the galactic core and moved through the earth’s energetic atmosphere to arrive on the planet. As it moved through the energetic atmosphere it encountered the energetic imprints of life on earth. These imprints contained all the energy and memoires of separation, disconnection, imbalance, trauma, fear, suffering and pain. Moving through this toxic energy triggered the fragmenting and disconnection of our soul energy.
Until now it has been almost impossible to reassemble all aspects of your soul and fully activate your divine purpose. The energetic imprints of disconnection, fear, trauma, pain and suffering held within the energetic structures in and around the Earth have been too great. The incoming energies have been working to clear and release these energetic imprints creating space for the reassembling and reformation of your soul. The divine plan for your life will begin to unfold as you heal and release the old patterns and programs, which have kept you trapped. The more you awaken and heal the more tangible your sacred purpose becomes.
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