Creating and Living In a Community of Love.

Universal Mother Mary. 

Through Linda Dilon.

 March 2nd, 2020.

Posted Per Staffan  March 4th, 2020.



You are the New and you bring forth the New.
A fabulous channelled gem shared by Kathleen from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.
Universal Mother Mary ~ Creating & Living In A Community Of Love
Universal Mother Mary: Greetings, I am Mary.
Kathleen: Oh, hi Mary!
UMM: Welcome, beloved one. Yes, I am Mary, I am Mare, Universal Mother, Mother of Hope, Mother of Change, Mother of One, Mother of All – and yes, beloved sweet angel, of you, the pink angel, Defender of the Throne, I am Mother.
And so I come this day, first of all to embrace you, to hug you, to reassure you, to comfort you, to encourage you. You are doing stellar work, and let us expand this because ‘work’ so often has the wrong connotation. Sweet angel of pink, yes, swaying in the breeze, you are having and you are creating and you are nurturing a stellar life. I could not ask more of thee. You know you have been diligent in clearing away the debris of what so often hindered you and at times, sweet one, haunted you.
I have said during this time, this period of 2020 – because time is meaningful in your realm, even though it is a different interpretation of what times means – during this time of 2020, it is not merely a time of transition; it is a time of rebirth and that is what you are feeling. You are in the birthing canal; you are no longer even in the womb. You are in the birthing canal and, dearest heart, you are anxious, you are excited; you are not fearful of bringing forth and of being… let me make that very clear: you are the New and you bring forth the New.
So yes, there is a sense of excitement, restlessness, anticipation, “what lies ahead?” … question marks. But the most important aspect of this is this is a time truly of the deepest anchoring of balance, of eliminating, not merely getting to the place of balance, of either/or, this or that, but in the spectrum of All.
Think of it: the spectrum of love, the spectrum of joy, the spectrum of peace… to be in the centre with the enormous potential laid out fully around you, and the ability to travel and get what you need, both esoterically and physically, and then to return not only to the home of your heart but to your physical home, your sacred nest – this is necessary and, sweet angel, it is where you belong.
Yes, you have been anchored, and in this you see the grand unfoldment of my Plan but also, sweet one, of your plan. I have anchored you not only at the portal, within the portal – you are the portal – but I have anchored you in a place, shall we say, of wealth and privilege. Now why do you think that is? It is not merely because of the cherry, [smiling] although the vibration of that is absolutely in tune with thee!
Communities… and that is what you are in… a very distinct and healthy [community] in all meanings of that word – you are in a healthy community, but we are talking about a world in transition. Very often, as you have witnessed far and wide, with wealth and comfort comes a sense of entitlement and a sense of unbridled arrogance, and you see this all over your nation. However, in your healthy community, who is in a better position to bring forth mercy, compassion and help except those, shall we say, in favourable positions?
Now I am not suggesting that everyone has or will or should ever give up their funds, their homes; no, that is not the Plan. But there is a level of intelligence in your community, and there is a level of intelligence that is not stratified – and that is not always true in other communities – but it is not stratified to the point where the restricted or restrictive thinking has really taken root. You actually are in a community that is quite expansive in terms of taking risks, being creative, and wanting to make a difference.
So you are in a place, as are they, that is well-positioned in terms of not only creating a City of Light but very much creating a Community of Love. And so this is part and parcel, sweet one, of what you are doing because as we anchor you there in your increasing clarity, in your increasing vibratory rate, your frequency, you are sending, beaming, anchoring this energy of love – not permission – but of love, of acceptance.
Now, you have asked me this day to speak to you about how you love those you don’t like. Well, one of the things you are doing just by breathing is you are loving those that you know and those that you don’t know in your community. That does not mean that you necessarily, in your terminology, like them; their personalities may be shall we call it challenging, tough, rough.
But when you are sending the love – and it continues, sweet one, in waves all over Gaia – what you are doing is you are in fact shifting their energy in ways that a million conversations would not accomplish. And in that change, in that shift, then what you are doing is quite literally assisting your community to become. Now that is one aspect of it.
Now, let us be practical. I have walked your planet, which is rare by the way; I do not make a habit, shall we put it that way, of assuming form throughout the Multiverse, but I have walked the Earth and were there hardships and heartbreak and challenges? Yes, there most certainly were. And was it worth it because of the love? It most certainly was.
But in my experience… and it is funny how the stories are told and the stories that are not told… in our little community first of all, think of it – not for my whole life but for a very large part of it – we were a nation, a community under siege from invaders who had their own ways and their own rules. But I am putting that to the side.
In my community, which was based on a very large extended family, but [amongst] those that were not part of family, there were those that I found very arrogant, uncaring, misled, misinformed; [chuckling] it would always seem that they were more than willing to give me advice, and particularly advice about my wayward son! [Sighing] It was a trial!
There was one woman, certainly far more wealthy than I… and I want you to know we were not in those days what you would think of as… we were not impoverished… and we had ‘lineage’ – that would be the term that people would use on our side – but we chose not to live lavishly, and we chose in many ways to support others where we could.
But there was this one woman who would always say, “Why do you live like this? You could have it better. Why don’t you come to my area? Why don’t you let me help you find a better way? Why doesn’t your son get a real job?” [Laughter] The arrogance has not changed!
Now, do you really think that I liked her?
K: Well, no!
UMM: No! And I barely tolerated her. Why would I wish in my life, in which I was very clear about why I was in form, why would I tolerate someone like this? And I can tell you that I devised ways in which to avoid her. But when we would have such encounters, I would realise that below the arrogance, inside the very inappropriate words and attitudes, that she actually thought that she was helping, that she actually thought that her life was superior and that she would help me raise my life to her level, which was not something I wanted.
So when I would run into her, and she would show up uninvited at our house, I would tolerate her; but I would also point out to her the joys of my life such as “my son is touching the hearts and minds and lives of hundreds and thousands”. Of course, her rebuttal was: “Well, why does he not become ordained as a Rabbi?” because it was a title and it would give him authority within the community.
But I would point it out, whether she got it or not; it was important – and it was important to me and it was important particularly when there were others present – that they understood the real value of what was being pursued.
Now, would I send her love? And would I send her love [laughing] as I sent her on her way? Yes! So I would love in that way because even though she may have had intentions, I knew underneath that that there was a purity of heart, actually that I created. [Smiling] So I could not deny her, but that certainly did not mean that I had to engage in familiarity or include her. I kept the door open.
She did not shift, by the way, but many others did. But I didn’t do it – and this is why I am talking to you this way – I didn’t say: “I don’t want anything to do with you.” Now, I had to be in the right what you would call head-space, heart-space, to deal with her and that is why sometimes I avoided her. But I gave her the opportunity. I did not lie. I did not say to her: “You are being arrogant and inappropriate, and what right do you have to comment on my life?” But I did point out what the truth was.
So, for example, when you have a friend or an acquaintance that is acting from a place of entitlement and arrogance, you point out that there is another pathway and perhaps their certainty of their superiority is not all it’s cracked up to be – and then you send the love. It does not mean that you are exceptionally close, but what it does mean is you give them a chance. But you don’t give them a chance to just continue on in their merry way; you give them a chance to see that there are other pathways and other alternatives that in fact are more joyful.
Does this help?
K: Yes, it really does, and I thank you because I thought I just can’t drop everybody in my life just because they’re not doing what I want them to be doing and thinking the way that I feel, because I’ve changed so much. And so that helps. We just need to give them love is basically what it is.
UMM: You give them love, not permission – and there is a big difference. And, sweet one, it is not that you drop everybody because the danger is, when someone comes from a place of arrogance or feelings/opinions of superiority… [are] quite simply different… there can be a tendency to fall into judgment. And the reason one falls into judgment is in fact self-protection, and so you do not want to go there. You acknowledge that there are differences, you are safe, secure and, most important, connected and happy in what you are doing.
K: Yes, absolutely. I appreciate you telling me this…
UMM: And their being in your energy – that is why you don’t entirely ‘dump’ them – they are in your energy, they are receiving the love… because, sweet angel, you are beaming to them on such a subtle level that simply being in your presence changes them.
K: Aww, bless my heart, beautiful. I thank you.

Linda Dillon

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