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March 13, 2020
Dear Avaazers,
Something big is about to happen to humanity, much more than just a flu.
The WHO just declared coronavirus a pandemic, which means many of us could get it -- and although most will be fine, for the more vulnerable it could mean the difference between life and death. We all have someone we love who could be facing this.
Our mission now is to mobilise to SLOW it down, because the slower it moves, the more our hospitals can cope, and the more lives will be saved.
With our countries facing shutdowns like Italy and China, humanity is about to face serious adversity - and that can either split us apart in fear, or unite us in common purpose and love. Our movement can help shape what happens next.
Sign the pledge to help slow the virus down, and share it with everyone you know -- if we reach 100 million people in the next week, we can help save countless lives:
We pledge to help bring humanity together in a common purpose to help slow the spread of this virus enough to allow hospitals to cope and a vaccine to be developed, and to strive to ensure that this crisis brings out the best in us. To each do our part, we pledge to:
🏠 STOP THE VIRUS at our doorstep -- by washing our hands regularly, avoiding unnecessary close contact with others, staying home when we feel unwell and seeking medical advice early.
👵 PROTECT THE VULNERABLE - by offering love and assistance to those who need it most, and supporting humane policies to keep them safe.
💬 SPREAD WISDOM - by sharing reliable, factual information with friends and family, and countering voices of fear and demonization with love and connection.
We know the actions we all take collectively will make a HUGE difference to how quickly this virus spreads, and just how deadly it will be.
In South Korea, a country that was hit really hard early on, people came together with a common purpose -- they stopped attending large gatherings, stayed home when they felt sick, and got tested early. People even stood outside subways in costumes reminding others to wash their hands! And it’s working -- the country’s seen a slowing down in new cases and low mortality rates.
But this isn’t just about containing the virus. If we all commit to protecting the most vulnerable and spreading wisdom during this crisis, we can come out of it stronger and more connected than ever before. We’re already seeing remarkable stories of hope and leadership -- from the citizens in Wuhan handing out emergency supplies to those on the frontline, to brave doctors risking their lives every day to save those of others.
Now it’s our time to rise!
So, sign the pledge now, and let’s come together to help flatten the curve of the epidemic, and bring humanity together like never before:
This crisis will mean that for one of the few times in human history many of us will have to stay home. Such social isolation could be the perfect breeding ground for fear and hatred to take hold of us. Or, if we choose to meet this adversity with love and determination, we could make it an unprecedented moment for humanity to come together as one. To care for each other, to be there for each other. We now have a common purpose, a common cause. Let's rise to it.
With hope,
Ricken, Luis, Chris, Bert, Sarah, Marigona, Joseph, Nana, Anneke and the whole Avaaz team
Official International and National health advice:
World Health Organization (WHO)
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