Coordinate the Planning of your Life.

Part Two.


Is the Trinity Teacher

Received by Chris Maurus.

Asheville, NC, USA, March 8, 2020.

Akashic Construct - 11:11 Spirit Guardians

Posted March 20, 2020.

Teacher Uteah: Take action on your honest insights and watch for the signs and synchronicity that indicate that you are moving closer to your life plan — the “flow.” If you find you are “stuck” in a pattern of misfortune and circumstances that do not feel good to you, this may be an indication that you may need to re-examine your true intentions and make choices that promote goodwill — taking the focus off of you and showing compassion for those that are less aware of their choices. A wise man once said, “you cannot solve a problem using the same thinking that created it.” Growth requires you to move outside your comfort zone and approach life with a new outlook.
Once you are committed to working consciously with the TA, you will become more aware of the TA’s guidance. To summarize this process:

  • Train your mind to often dialog with the TA.
  • Be honest with yourself and examine your choices — listen for suggestions for improvement.
  • Take action on your honest insights. Ask, “Do these insights serve my soul or my ego?”
  • Watch and become hyper-aware of the signs and synchronicity for direction (flow or obstacle?)
  • Stay in “flow” and move into opportunities that present themselves.
  • Make corrections when finding obstacles or familiar patterns that prevent your growth and happiness or if they infringe on others growth and happiness.
  • Stay in gratitude and do not be judgmental of your mistakes and imperfections — strive for growth (a new outlook).

Once you begin this process of conscious coordination with your TA, you will not have to think so hard about it — it will come naturally to you as “the way” of life.
Here for your growth always,
I AM Uteah.
Receiver’s note: Uteah says that there is a more advanced approach for conscious coordination when you are experiencing “flow.” These are the planning phases of life purpose and the TA is very instrumental in this type of coordinated planning.

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“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009.

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