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Blessings Beloveds 
Apologies for the late Newsletter. I was called to get on the road on Friday (rather than waiting until after Easter) and work the Crystalline Corridor all day as I drove from Mount Shasta. A VERY strong opening and experience again with the stargate at Mono Lake again (lake photo above). Schumann spike during the activation. Hmmm...
There was a lot going yesterday. Made it to Sedona safe, yet altered with the upgrades. Exhausted, blissed, altered, and weeping with gratitude for what is occurring. Glad to be able to stay put for the unfoldments next week.
Our primary focus is the Sacred week ahead. We are IN these stargates already, resurrection and freedom codes flowing. Again, so much is happening - I will have an update after I rest and integrate the new codes. More activity anticipated for Monday right through the end of this gate on April 13.
THANK YOU to the Gatekeepers who answered my heart-call for support with the Gateways yesterday.
Global Meditations
Many have asked about the Global meditation tonight seen on social media. They are tapping in at 7:45pm PDT tonight, Saturday April 4, for 22 minutes.
Join if you are called and remember:
- Focus in Zero Point on LOVE and PEACE, that's how the Maharishi TM unified effect works.
- Please don't amplify the bug program by focusing on it. I have been guided to give it no energy in thought, word or deed so it will dissipate faster. Also, it has a myriad of purpose right now. Keep the intentions on peace and balance.
- If you go online with these groups today, feel free to mention that we practice every SUNday. It would be lovely to have more heart-based Souls participating. Our description is below.
SUNday Unity Meditations
SUNday April 5: SUNday Unity Meditations at 5:11AM, 8:11AM and 11:11AM Pacific Standard Time (UTC-7). Offline, wherever you are. Details, time converters and guided meditation download at
Download and save your copy now!
Free Ebook of Divine DNA Decrees to support these waves of Embodiment and Resurrection.
This Free ebook is a collection of DNA Decrees created for the Crystalline DNA Mastery online course.
I AM sharing these to assist everyone through this highly activating Sacred passage.
Decrees are a supportive practice to enhance our journey and experience.
Download your copy so you may reference it offline.
Click on the book image or go to
A High-Vibe Conversation on the NOW: Replay
I had a wonderful conversation via facebook live last week with Todd Medina of Soulogy Studios. We discussed discernment in this Sacred passage, transparency, total focus on creating the New (rather than eliminating the old), and a whole lot more. You may watch the replay at THIS LINK or scroll through my facebook page.
Beloveds, this week brings much change.
Kindwhile, we unify to call forth the highest trajectories with ease and grace.
Feeling the Blissful New Light cascades of Divine stardust. Notice the changes in the SUN from the initiation frequencies of the last week. I also feel the whole of Gaia lifting, magnetics changing, gently rocking deep in her core. Note the changes in your fields; the seamless garment, the ornate crowns, the Golden Race realms presenting.
Call in and forth the dimensional-shifting, purifying, consciousness-shifting, veil-dissolving light - contribute your intention and attention to the higher unfoldments. We are already in this flow, let us call forth a palpable experience of Freedom, Resurrection, and Ascension for all willing hearts choosing Love. All focus on the NEW, and the lower vibrational realities will dissipate by quantum effect.
Blissful resurrection and Golden race sequences are activating our Divine DNA, and transforming the Lightbody - it feels like levitating as the magnetics release, release, release the old realities.
Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension! Create well, dear hearts. See you in the field on SUNday.
In Love, Light and Service,

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