By AarayA from Sirius

The Sirian Messenger.

Through Dinnho Beduzupo.

Translation from Portuguese: May 17, 2020.



Beloved Souls, Greetings!

In the certainty that they remain firm and in constant search for psycho-emotional balance, we present ourselves in this NOW for our notes of the day. We hope that they are in a position to open their minds and review concepts, despite all the obstacles that the phase imposes on them. [smile]

Mission has these things - if it were to be a joke, it would be disfigured as a mission. You have to challenge, you have to promote changes, you have to provoke understandings, because all of this is part of the ascension process. Whoever had the option of being on Gaia like you and chose not to go through any of this, stagnated in his own evolutionary march. Objectively so!

But, as we have even more to share with all of you, on specific issues, let's move on:


- Peace is more than an intention; it is a set of applied behaviors, experienced in the effective daily life. Man (humanity) needs to be educated to exercise the Peace he claims to want. Otherwise, everything will be just another chimera, a summer dream.

It is easy to see Terrans complaining about their own (lack of) luck, and for many reasons. They do not use the same energy spent in this focus to invest in Self-knowledge to the point of identifying the primordial origin of what destabilizes them. And then they claim to want peace fully involved with practices opposed to this cause ... blame others ... circumstances ...

Qualitative engagement leads to Peace, that is, practical actions and even quite simple to access and apply, put things in their proper places. Less ego and more brotherhood, less attachment and more self-surrender, less aggression and more unconditional love. Whoever wants to live peace must first suspend the agreements made with the war actions, and that is a personal commitment.


- Consider investing more and better in yourself. There are a lot of distracted Seekers really believing in, as you say, in the other half of your oranges, in the lid of your pots, isn't that so? [smiles] And in that way, a limiting belief was presented to you successfully.

Man is not "half" of anyone. That does not exist. Never existed. If the amusing allegory of the eternal search sounds poetic to them, it must be said that this reaffirms a continuous dissatisfaction behind a form of absolutely undue emotional dependence.

Why would anyone stop "being whole" to put themselves in the submissive position of a half? Think: to whom would this benefit, if not Density, if not the restriction of positive fluidity? However, if it is in these beliefs that you place your attention, it is as if the Universe - which is neutral until you carry out your magnetic emissions through thoughts, feelings and attitudes befitting -, resonates what each of you are, by doing or for entire existences, and in fact it is.

Anyone who really wants to live happily with someone else, needs to invest in himself first to the point of becoming someone pleasant, vibrationally interesting and interested in sharing his own fullness. From this intimate setting, the best experiences come naturally to you - without any effort.


- Definitely not. There are other responses that are better applicable to the effects of the pandemic, which, in turn, is nothing more than the materialized reflection of their most intimate fears, a pertinent picture that Men have molded from the ethereal through negative synchronicities (hatred, resentment, violence, sexism, segregations and other dense tentacles).

These afflictions at the collective level and fully synchronous with the low magnetic quality of a determined social group are cyclical. In any case, you go through this experience because you need it to reach other future conscious spheres. Some locations more than others, because of the variation in intensities. And what your medications can do against all this is really little, almost nothing.

In a personalized dosage, this formula can, at most, reduce discomfort due to other pathological specificities (lung), but nothing much more than that; little or almost nothing if they are told about the effects on their kidneys, for example, or even about side effects for those suffering from blood pressure unevenness.

Their “best answer” is still their responsible conduct to guard against the excesses they adopt in the face of their own challenges, because this can immunize them from the unwanted effects of this virus. The question is: if it really cured someone as some people try to claim, it would be mandatory for Man to have completely deciphered his activation codes in the human body, something that is not yet done, very objectively speaking to them.

It is important that you do not give up this search, within your fragile area of ​​understanding the matrix of everything that is involved in this process of scanning Gaia, but dear ones, please do not wait for “magic formulas” overnight because it won't be like that. On the contrary: there will still be more casualties due to this inability and precipitation in the way of administering their medications until their most efficient treatment. Until then, Faith, DISCIPLINE and patience!

In time: Self-medication does not save * anyone!


- Correct would be the understanding that every action invariably causes an equivalent reaction, including Nature. Do you notice the difference between the sentences?

If there was planting, there is the harvest. To that little starlet who wishes to live in harmony with himself and the environment, he intuitively knows what behaviors to adopt, and will not be cutting down trees indiscriminately, burning pastures and forests, hunting animals for sport or polluting the atmosphere, seas and rivers that will turn for Man the best returns. There is no such synergy, you see.

The appearance of plagues is the most objective way to tell them: “Humanity, you are disrespecting our time and our way. They are unbalancing something they are also part of and depend on, whether they consciously acknowledge it or not. Review your actions while there is still this possibility! ”.

As long as the ignorance of greed is active among you, dense developments are scheduled to occur, whether in the form of plagues or even in viral ways.


- One of those truths that are hardly propagated around is that technology also fails! [laughs] Despite the collective unconscious feeding the opposite idea, apart from the creation coming directly from the Creator Source (God), everything else is liable to failure. It is just a matter of opportunity.

To believe that alien technology is absolutely infallible is a mistake on the ground. Especially because there are many technologies among the peoples of space - some more advanced than others, but all consistent with the evolutionary degree of what they have purified to access. Or do you really believe that because you can travel through the Cosmos, everything that was created for that is really "perfect"? [smile]

For your information, spaceships of civilizations existed that were disintegrated by simple contact with the Earth's atmosphere either by the effect of gravitational pressure or by direct contact with the quality and components of its air, and even these cases were not recorded for your knowledge. Because technologies are restricted aspects of something much bigger involved in the pilgrimage and even the intention of contact with other civilized realities or not.

Therefore, “flying saucers” can fall, yes, and for the most varied reasons. Many are on your planet right now, and many of them against their own will (but it was necessary, as it was part of their intimate rescue to go through such an experiment). Some of them no longer have the spark of physical life, some others remain alive, some confined, some others living among you in recluse. They are very wide variants, you know!


Family, we will continue to answer the questions left in our official spaces, in our notes and intuitions of the channel, as always. So be patient and stay alert so that nothing is lost for free.

We also remind you that our objective here is to present you with the Sirian perspective of these occurrences that affect the Terran race, but without any extra intention of imposing on you any new element with which they resonate or refute. Everything here is prepositive; embrace whatever makes sense to you and release what you fail to do. This is the civilized formula to behave, in any dimension and consciential level. [smile]

Selamat Mai! (So ​​it is!)


AarayA of Sirius

Dinnho Beduzupo

CHANNEL NOTE: Yesterday I had the opportunity to record and share in audio in our AarayA Family group about these elements that occasionally emerge as legitimate smoke screens. The fall of the flying saucer was one such case. It is just to try to distract us from things that are really more important for our development, such as our conscientious elevation or even the messes of our confused political scenario. It is time for less distractions and more commitment to our positive anchoring, because that is the basic condition of free access to our best version in this Now. May it be fulfilled!


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