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November 2019


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Welcome from Jani
Hi Everyone! 
It's great to be able to say 'Welcome back!' to all of you very patient subscribers, and to welcome those of you who are new subscribers to P'taah e-News. 
Annie, here in Cairns, has been working very hard to get our Australian administration up and running and what an amazing job she is doing. Nelly is kept busy in Malta organising the Conversation with P'taah sessions and ably assisting in general, wherever needed. 
I want to thank them and thank all friends of P'taah for your support, in the knowing that where there is love there can be no separation. 
With every blessing
If you'd like to participate in a Conversation with P'taah, or if you have a burning question (or just a curiosity question) you'd like her to ask for you - please email Nelly at lightsourcemalta@gmail.com.
CwP October 2019 - Burning Questions with Nelly 
Track 1. Connection After Death
The personality of the one who has passed is still available, in a way - we may be still and listen and feel that person to be with us.
Each of our lifetimes is occurring simultaneously and each is connected to a larger consciousness, or oversoul - yet each lifetime has it's own integrity.
Remember that love is a connecting rod, love is all-encompassing.
It is all right if we hear something but do not 'get it' straight away. We all need to come to our own 'Aha!' moment.
Track 2. Thanks & gratitudes, Co-creation
The Thank-you prayer - who are we saying 'thank you' to?
Putting ourselves in touch with a feeling of appreciation, and aligning ourselves with Universal Consciousness
All of this is simply about how does it feel?
Co-creation, picturing how it works - consciousness is made up of many layers, and different groups of consciousness overlap each other like umbrellas.
We are each a body of electro-magnetic frequency drawing to ourselves things of like frequency as we go about our day to day living, weaving patterns of interaction with other people.
Anybody who has an emotional reaction to a situation is part of its co-creation.
Track 3. Child abuse, No judgement, Being vulnerable
In spite of the horror of child abuse there is no judgement
Someone who has experienced child abuse may find love, and may teach others about this experience.
Perpetrators have also been so-called victims, and have to come to a recognition of their emotional reaction to that experience.
All things not based on love will be revealed – child abuse may seem like an 'epidemic', not because there is more of it, but because more is being revealed, and as the truth is revealed, so the collective consciousness is changed.
Being afraid to be one's self: feeling shame. 'If I show you who I am you cannot love me, because I do not love myself!'
Understanding that we all have fear, and vulnerability is our greatest strength.
Track 4. Judgement, Children, Relationships
"You are loving yourself when you are not in judgement of others"
Using one's judgement vs. being in judgement.
Stating the truth - with compassion, without separation.
Whatever negative judgement we have about someone else is also who we are - one way or another.
Children coming forth now with a 'knowing' unprecedented for millennia.
How can we enhance our relationships? Communication! Allowance. We do not have to believe the same things.
Hearing the art of the heart: Be now! Be in awe & wonderment! Say thank you! Be aware! And dance through all your days in this fashion!
(Many thanks to Ravenna for providing CwP synopses.)

November 2019 Message from P'taah

Co-creating for Harmony and Balance

This month's message is taken from the latest Conversation with P'taah - we hope it is of assistance in this time of anxiety around events on our beloved planet Earth.
Q: We’re becoming increasingly aware of the damage we’ve caused the planet and that climate change is happening much faster than we anticipated, the pollution and the effect it’s having, and the dying out of various strands of sentient beings on the planet. How can we best think of this in terms of allowing the Universe to do what is required for balance and harmony?
P’taah: Yes, that is important, what is required for balance, for harmony. All right, so the first thing is that it behoves each one of you to do whatever you can, in your day to day living, to assist the cessation of this pollution. That is the first thing. To be very clear about the desire in your heart to see a thriving planet. Of course one of the greatest pollutions of your planet, you may say, is humanity!
However, the pollution is in the mind of humanity, in the greed, in the disregard, etcetera, etcetera. However, the planet of course is a powerful, powerful goddess and, whether or not there is pollution, she go through great changes of her own to maintain her health, if you like. Now, if humanity will put its mind to changing this rate of pollution, to, if you like, cleaning up the planet, then what is allowed to occur is that the planetary natural changes shall be less devastating.
You all, as a body of consciousness, create your own reality, co-create it with the Goddess, with Earth herself. It requires clarity: What does humanity want? And not only in the selfish idea of saving humanities, but in the love of Earth herself – in the love of Earth herself – that requires clarity within the mind and heart of humanity. And then, with the clarity, with the fervent desire to create change for the greatest benefit of the Earth and everything that exist upon and within, so these changes may be creating wondrousness, instead of creating devastation.
All that you can do, each of you, is work with love and the Earth in your day to day life, giving forth the thanks and doing whatever you may to reduce the imprint, what we would say, step lightly upon your Earth, and hold clearly in your mind and heart the desire for a pristine planet. Because the larger number of you have no power alone to create the change, together you can change anything, you can create whatever you want.
Q: How can we tip the balance against governments that are just selling whatever, you know, the money makers and where the greed comes in, and things that we can’t seem to do anything about or have any effect on? How can we really tip the balance against all that?
P’taah: By holding on to the knowing, and being clear about what you desire. You do not actually need to know how. In a way, Beloved, it is likened unto, how do you create your day to day reality? The fact is that you do not really know how, you only know that it works! And the more that you know that it works the more it is, and the more that it does work, for your benefit. Does that make, at all, any sense to you?
Q: Yes, well in the sense that I know that I create it, and I see that I create it by the thoughts that I have.
P’taah: And most important, the feelings attached to those thoughts.
Q: Often I find my feelings do not coincide with my thoughts. My thought might be that if I give thanks for it I’ll create it, but in my feeling I might be in fear: what if I don’t?
P’taah: Yes well you see that is exactly what impedes your grand creativity: the fear that you are not enough to create it, to create what you desire, to create what is for your greatest benefit, and to create for your planet what is the greatest benefit. This is what we mean by clarity: to be very clear about what it is that you desire, and to feel what that creation means to you. Because when you think of a joyous planet, when you think of no pollution, when you think of the flourishing of your flora and fauna, what feeling does it give you?
When you give thanks in your daily life for what you have, how does it feel? How does it really feel? This is why we say it is to be mindful, not just to say thank you by rote, but really to be present, to say thank you for the food, to really appreciate the food that you eat, the beauty that surrounds you, your comfort, not only your physical comfort, but the comfort of your friendships, of your loves, of your relationships, all of the things, to actually feel how wonderful it is. And it is this incredible energy!
Also, you know, there is something that each of you can do who live near water, to in a way sing your thanks to the water so the water can carry that energy throughout your planet, spreading the love, spreading the joy!
And so, no matter how it seems, each of you is powerful, each of you is the co-creator of your reality, and so it is by being present, and being mindful, and giving forth your thanks and gratitudes that you create change, because the Universe listens! Your Earth listens, every plant, every bird, every butterfly, every wild creature knows!

Jani King


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