Cmdr. Lyur Sit Rep.

Jean Michel Surmely.

January 2019. 


Hello to all this is the Captain, Cmdr. Lyur. January 2019.
I will make a short 'Sit Rep' as a text this time.
You may have heard the events unfolding in France and Europe (other countries are starting also the yellow vest thing) Very shortly -more will come in videos in my channel Golden Starseed Report – my current feeling – and guidance – at this time is that we are witnessing an awakening of humans who want to liberate themselves from the dominion. It is very well explained by David Icke, please watch as many of his videos as you can, and he is talking about a 'Vibration of Truth' rising on planet Earth at this time. I agree... Naturally the elite do NOT agree and are trying to put it down, with little success see videos below.
Last attempt of the Archons to control humans with savage repression worthy of the darkest hours of Europe in the 1930's and 1940's:

With many casualties – 3000 wounded, 98 mutilated for life, 17 young boys and girls lost an eye and 4 had a hand exploded in shreds, 64 volontary shots at the head while this is forbidden to police to do so, and many arrested and even condemned to prison just because of manifesting in the streets – this movment for freedom continues and is growing by the day. You can see in one of the videos above the tarot card published by the Rothschild's magazine The Economist in 2017, showing already the yelow vest movment, as it seems. Please understand that this movment is a grass root thing with very good people and pure hearts trying to change the whole picture on Earth and abolish the 'system' of control. So the elite knew in advance, and they are trying to manipulate and control this movment for freedom and truth, again with little success. You will understand by watching this lecture here :
Quantum computers as explained by the C.E.O of the company building them, a totally psychotic guy :

These computers are fully in use nowadays by gougoule, fakebook and the like.
So Quantum computers travel in time. If this technology is out for the public (sic!) now you'd better believe they are in the hands of the elite since a long time, to help them register tendancies in the time line (are they so stupid to believe there is only one time line? See stories about the Montauk Experiment) and so to be able to change events along the time line, even to built a fake time line to suit their nefarious plans. All this is explained in my series of videos on the fake time line. Please watch all videos and share, make them known, they have very little hits :

yes there are 10 parts, please watch them all and share all the way to the last one :

I explain in my videos about the Universal Law of Free Will that states that you cannot control or take any life forms as slaves without the consent ot these. Humans have consented to this for a long time thru many systems, the religious system being one of the best, but now it is required, by 'higher laws' that humans at this time have to be fully conscious and vote specifically to accept to be slaves of the Archons. (explanations about the Archons are found in great details in David Icke's videos)
Such vote was given in France in 2017 – since the so-called elected president was known as a Rothschild agent and designated at the Bilberberg meeting of 2014 – But now a good number of people in France are taking back this consent and want to be free.
Please remember that the Archons and their puppets hybrids, know this law very well and have to apply it as well.
A very important point here : our Inter-Galactic Fleet of the Galactic Confederation of Free Worlds cannot – and will not – intervene without the Law of Free Will fully applied on Earth. This means that humans of Earth have to choose freedom and higher consciousness, or to agree to remain – this publically stated now – slaves of the Archons. This will be concluded by the separation of the worlds (christians call it the separation of the wheat from the schaff) and a % of humans could then move into the 5th dimension with the planet. Please watch my video :

I will conclude by now this little Sit Rep (situation report). At this time I need help to make known my YouTube channel Golden Starseed Report as much as possible.
I also need support for this in green energy, first to be able to buy a better camera that could have a good microphone plugged to it – my first price Canon camera cannot do, that explains interferences in the sound from wind and such -. I also need at this time help to get another better used car, mine is too old and going too much in repairs now. You can provide help with my Paypal account or by snail mail with a bank check, or with Western Union, in that case I will receive a code to my mail and I can get money in any Post office near by me. Address to use : 
Jean Michel Surmely,
7 rue du Pountarrou, 11140 Artigues, FRANCE.
Bless the Universe in each of you. See you in my channel Golden starseed Report !
Golden Love. Captain.
Must see revelations about the use of micro-wave towers for the control of humans included 'new age' people : 

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