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daily inspiration 21 may 2019.


Beyond the limits of what we are able to see and understand lies a vast interconnected reality that is arranged by divine order. It can be challenging to fully grasp or even trust this unseen reality as the current conditions in the world reflect a very different view. As the old, dominating, ego-driven world collapses it may seem that external disasters and challenges are building. However, these issues are being emphasised encouraging us to change.

Now is the time to gather your energy and allow yourself the space you need to process and integrate the profound energetic shifts that occurred during this past Full Moon. Trust that no matter what is currently being seen the beauty of your new reality is emerging. Do not allow your fears and expectations to cloud your ability to see the potential and possibilities. Relieve yourself of unnecessary burdens, remove all distractions and face the world with faith and trust. Claim your inner wisdom and listen to the voice of your soul.
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