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Mind Control Series
Producer/ Interviewer Wayne Morris:
Good morning, and welcome to The International Connection. We are in week #40 in our radio series on mind control, and today we begin an interview with Cisco Wheeler, co-author of “The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Mind Controlled Slave” and other books about trauma-based conditioning.
Cisco is a mind control victim of one of the Illuminati families. She is a descendant of Ulysses S. Grant and has managed to gain a certain amount of freedom from her family’s control.
She is currently working with Fritz Springmeier to help other victims of mind control heal. Cisco rarely does interviews, so we are very fortunate to be able to bring you this interview with Cisco Wheeler.
I would like to start off by asking you what your background is and how you first became involved in trauma-based conditioning mind control.
Cisco Wheeler:
I was first involved as an infant. My father came from a transgenerational satanic family. My life was planned according to a particular structure, from the beginning, as my father was a programmer for the Illuminati and the U.S. government.
Wayne Morris:
What political/military connections did your family have that you are aware of?
Cisco Wheeler:
We had a very strong political background. My father had political connections; my Great Uncle was General Earl Grant Wheeler, he was a direct descendant of Ulysses Grant. General Earl Wheeler was the head of the American military in the Vietnam War. He was the Joint Chief of Staff so we had a very strong political background. My father was also a Grand Master within the Illuminati.
He worked on the west coast during the Vietnam War with his uncle who headed the military, to run drugs into this country to create a drug culture. The purpose of that was to destroy the structure within the family unit. The drug culture was the real purpose behind the Vietnam War. My father was also with the USO shows in the military as he was a musician; he was also involved with the CIA; and he was a 33rd degree Mason.
Because of his being a Grand Master within the Illuminati, he was very strongly connected to America’s political sturcture. Because of the generational ties within the Illuminati, from the planned time of my conception, I entered into a world that was well structured, and well planned. And as a structured slave within the Illuminati, I too became connected to America’s political structure. As a small child I was groomed to sexually service the so-called elite within this political structure.
Wayne Morris:
Are you talking people in the White House?
Cisco Wheeler:
Yes. President Eisenhower is the first president that I remember. He befriended me as a small child. I would sit on his lap, sang to him, there were sexual gestures back and forth. I was being trained. I entertained governors, mayors, ministers. I was trained in sexual activity there, and I was part of the Illuminati function within the British Royal Family during elite meetings.
Wayne Morris:
How young do you remember when you started being subjected to trauma conditioning … from birth?
Cisco Wheeler:
I was traumatized in the womb.
Wayne Morris:
How did you first realize that your family was connected with the Illuminati?
Cisco Wheeler:
If you understand multliplicity, you understand there are many layers in the system. Because there are many layers, parts of ourself knew, and had many memories of certain things happening in our life, but the front part of our system that faced the outside world, they had no recall or memory at all that associated them to Illuminati programming or trauma based mind control. So if I speak for the front part of our mind, they knew nothing was wrong at all, outside of knowing they had a very abusive childhood.
They didn’t really know anything was wrong until my father died. When he died, that freed our mind to be able to retrieve memory, and at that point, they understood something was wrong. They started hearing voices and having flashbacks and having information that was retrieved, that they knew they didn’t have a “history” of and they couldn’t figure out what happened.
Where did this come from? This isn’t the way I think. Why would I be thinking about sexual issues when I have no recall of ever being sexually abused or why do I remember that I was in a certain place but yet I don’t remember … it’s all second hand. Do you understand what I am saying?
So, it wasn’t until after my father died that they started breaking down the hypnotic walls within the mind that protected me from knowing what happened. Over a period of time, because of memory retrieval and flashbacks, and the trauma it was causing, they became extremely suicidal and they didn’t believe in suicide, they sought help. They went into a hospital for nine weeks and started working with a therapist, and after a time period they realized it wasn’t normal to want to die when your father died, and we found out there was a real deep problem.
Wayne Morris:

Did these initial therapists that you worked with have knowledge of mind control or trauma based conditioning techniques at the time?
Cisco Wheeler:
Very vaguely. We were one of the first multiples diagnosed in this area and we basically worked with our therapist and she learned. She made a commitment to us, and what she didn’t know, she found out.
Wayne Morris:
Your father was your main handler and programmer, and how old were you when he died?
Cisco Wheeler:

My father was my handler and programmer, and I was forty years old when he died.
Wayne Morris:
How did you manage to break free of your family’s control of your life at that time? Did other people step in …
Cisco Wheeler:

When the Master dies, generally the slave also dies, but because of our determination to fight the programming and to get to the bottom of what was happening within our mind, we were able to fight the suicide programming. From there we started a journey into understanding that we were a structured multiple which we didn’t even know what that was … that we had a long road ahead of us, a hard road to travel.
Wayne Morris:
Did you have to travel that alone or did other people help you?
Cisco Wheeler:
No. I had a very strong support team. Several people in my support team were also victims of mind control.
Wayne Morris:

The people that weren’t, they had an understanding of the mind control techniques?
Cisco Wheeler:

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