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Message received by Oscar. 

Alabama, USA, May 30, 2013.

Translated from Spanish by Silvia Adriana Cohane.

Posted 2019/11/02

 Akashic Construct - 11:11 Spirit Guardians


Thought Adjuster: “It is natural for human beings to go through a period of uncertainty when deciding the course for the coming years of their lives. Normally, this occurs when a young person realizes that soon she must be responsible for her destiny in the world. However, many people in this world do not experience the deep conflicts that young men and women in your ‘modern’ societies do. For many, the plethora of options to choose from what is available to young people in those countries or cities that have achieved a certain level of economic development do not exist.

“For young people in tribal societies there are fewer alternatives for their future lives. If their parents are hunter-gatherers, they will do the same. In these cases, those who enter adult life do not experience anxiety about their future, nor suffer ‘paralysis by analysis’ when deciding which path to follow. Ironically, it is the great abundance of opportunity that confuses most of the young people.

“Many young men and women in your world would face less difficulty if from very early they were not exposed to false expectations. Your media exalts the image of successful men and women, who are invariably those who possess great material fortune and are known by the multitudes, regardless of what these persons do for the benefit of others. In the minds of young people, fame and fortune without real value becomes the image of success and it is very difficult to satisfy the human ego when it yearns for these things.

“It would be far better to promote the image of those men and women that strive to be useful to their peers, even if this does not bring them any special recognition. Celebrate the exemplary lives of many human beings who are not exalted on the pages of history, but are helping the world move forward. Celebrate the parents that dedicate their lives to their children. Celebrate the teachers who strive to feed the minds and creativity of their students. Celebrate the workers who produce the things others use. Celebrate those who pick up the garbage and clean everything for the benefit of their peers. Celebrate those who govern and create fair laws to promote a satisfactory life for all. There are many examples of great human lives that would do a lot to motivate young people to become useful members of society, instead of yearning for their own glory and selfish benefit.
“Finally, young people should be encouraged to discover that they carry inside a Fragment of the Creator, where the source of all wisdom lies, and that in order to get in touch with this Divine Spark only the impulse to find the Father and the intention to become better every day are needed. Thus each one becomes responsible for his or her own growth and the achievement of his or her spiritual maturity – a cooperative work of each human being with God, aligning the human will with the divine will. This is how the human beings that will carry this world towards light and life will arise, thanks to the guidance of their fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters – the men and women of the present who have in their hands the lives of the children of the future."


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