Change the World.

The Council via Ron Head.

July 5th, 2019. 



Today we are going to ask you to change the world. Some of you will know that you are already doing that. But for those of you who do not, we want to return to a few simple concepts that we have discussed before. It will be beneficial to see them discussed together.

Changing the world seems to be a very daunting project to embark upon does it not? Pictures come to your minds of grandiose acts that change the course of history overnight. While that may seem to be what happens as you look at the historical record you have been given, it is not what happens. It never has been. We are excepting global and cosmic phenomena of course.

Historical change has always been made by mankind building upon previous change. Always. Renaissance, Industrial Revolution, Agricultural Revolution, and many more that you have no record of at this time were all processes that you went through. The same is what you are engaged in at present.

What we wish to discuss with you is not whether or not there is such a process happening. There is. What we wish to discuss is your place within it.

It is possible that you could be now, or may become, an individual who causes a major change in politics, in agriculture, in technology, etc. Yes, that is possible. But you must understand that throughout mankind’s experience on this tiny planet there have been many more, vastly more, anonymous persons than ‘famous’ ones. In fact, fame itself, as you know it, is an extremely recent phenomenon.

Were the untold millions not needed? The millions were the reasons for the changes. The millions were the ‘world’ that changed. The millions were the soil out of which the ideas grew. And more often than not, individuals receive credit for changes that they did not, individually, create.

Now, this is not the aspect of the subject that we wish to stress today. What we wish to point out to you is that you are sitting in an environment of vast change. This has never, in fact, happened on this scale where you are. It will be some time yet before the extent of what we are speaking of can be fully understood, but it is happening. It is happening now. This gives you an unprecedented opportunity. What so we mean?

As you are sitting in the midst of all this, you can decide something that will prove to be one of the most important decisions of your life. Or you can decide not to do that. Your choice, as always.

Are you going to go along for the ride? Or are you going to change your world? Are you going to rise each day with the intention of taking every chance to raise the vibration of the energy you are in? Smile? Be kind? Be of help? Contribute? Please learn to see every act that you or anyone else does as having an effect upon your world. It does. It does. It does. You cannot do, or not do, anything which has no effect. Every cause has an effect. Every effect is, in its turn, a cause. That is the truth of the yin/yang symbol you all have seen.

Are you affecting? Or are you at the effect of? This is a decision that you can choose to make. Our promise is that it is a decision that will change your world, your personal world.

The rest will happen. Indeed it is happening at incredibly developing speed. Many of you now can feel this. Hang on. It gets better.
The Council.
Ron Head.

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