Center yourselves in an open heart

The Angels 

Through Ann Albers. 

May 23rd, 2020

Messages from the Angels
My dear friends, we love you so very much,
Center yourselves in an open heart, for as your society begins to open up once again, your heart will be your guide for staying safe, happy, loving, and even joyous as the human race continues to rebirth itself into greater love.
It may not be an easy birthing in the short term. There are going to be a wide variety of opinions expressed in the months ahead – some kindly, some loudly, and some gently, and some in rather obnoxious and offensive ways. Nonetheless you can sail through this time, buoyed by love and guided by grace.
Everyone has been diving deeper, feeling more deeply, and getting to know themselves better – for better or for worse – during this pandemic. Some of you ran straight into your hearts and discovered your huge compassion for humanity. Some of you ran straight into your creative spirit and discovered new passions, talents, businesses, and contributions. Some of you ran deep into a profound loneliness, or anxiety and fear. Some of you ran into your anger, frustration, and feelings of helplessness. Some of you ran into your judgments. Some of you discovered a greater tolerance for one another. Some of you discovered you loved the life you’ve created. Many of you experienced a mixture of emotions. Whatever you found within, you got to know yourself better.
You also discovered new gifts and ways of coping with adversity, discomfort, and the unknown. In trying times, new strengths emerge. When you couldn’t change your outer world, many of you went within to create change in the vibrational world, thus setting yourselves up for a glorious future. Many of you who faced financial challenges had to rely on the kindness of others, or fall back into the arms of faith. Those of you who were out serving the masses had no choice but to place your faith and trust in the power that loves you and gives you life. You have all been growing tremendously. You are birthing a new, more loving world.
So, as you move forward, and “open up” society, be gentle with yourself and keep your heart wide open. Pray to see the world through the eyes of the Divine and the eyes of your angels.
Maintain the positive changes you have made during the pandemic. Continue to feel your feelings deeply, instead of getting so busy once again that you forget to feel. Keep connecting more deeply with friends and family, for in isolation many of you found deeper and more authentic ways of relating to each other than superficial conversation. Continue to be resourceful. Use your God-given creativity. Waste lessGet out in nature more. Honor your earth and your fellow human beings. Go forth with an open heart, in love with yourself, in love with life, and in love with your fellow human beings.
Especially choose to send love, prayers, and light to the members of your human family that are feeling fearful, helpless, and angry. You don’t have to dance or dialogue with them, but please don’t judge them. They too, are just struggling – perhaps more than most – to birth themselves in a greater love.
When you see someone acting in a way that seems threatening – perhaps they are not wearing a mask and you wish they were – instead of falling into fear and judgment, stand in the power of love. Open your heart to streams of well-being and grace. Use intention and imagine light pouring through you and outward in all directions. Not only will you feel safe in its flow, you will be a blessing to all those around.
If you have to go back to work and you are fearful, remember that your guidance will tell you if and when it is right for you to do so. Some of you will quit and move on. Some of you will gladly return. Some of you will need to take some much needed time off after working on the front lines.
Listen to your hearts. Keep your hearts open by being kind to yourself first. Then, no matter what anyone else does, be kind. Be loving… or at least refuse to engage in lower vibrational interactions that serve no one.
There is no one “right answer” as to how to re-open an entire planet, dear friends. Everyone, without exception is attempting to do their best according to their patterns, programming, and level of awareness. Everyone is learning. Trust your open, loving, heart to know what is right for you in a given moment. Live and let live. No one can harm you if you exist in love. No one can “make” you sick if you abide in a mentality of well-being. No one else ever has any authority over your inner conditions, and as you all know, your inner conditions either attract or allow what you experience in your outer lives.
So, keep your hearts open for that is more important – now and always – than when your business, your stores, your concerts, and the rest of your world opens up.
This too shall pass. Enough of you are moving beyond the fear that has empowered this virus to become the monster it did, as it fed off the fears and mass hysteria. Of course, we encourage you to follow your guidelines for health, hygiene, and courtesy to your fellow human beings, but do so with an open heart and a commitment to be kind and loving to yourself and one another.
An open heart can heal a person, a group, a society and indeed your entire world, for in each open heart the Divine finds an open window through which it can pour Love into your life and into the entire human race.
God Bless You! We love you so very much.
The Angels

Ann Albers.


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