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November 20th, 2019

Posted November 22nd, 2019

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I am Merlin, the wizard. 
There. Breathe a little bit deeper and let me tell you a story. For you see, this is your story, our story, for we are all a part of it. A long time ago there was an eager group of bright young students – creators who were learning the ropes of creating and eager to demonstrate, feel and explore the love and wonderment of the process of creation. You were perhaps one of these pupils. 
But I digress. Source is always expanding, always learning, always exploring. Do you really think this is the only game of exploration in the universe? No, but it is a hot spot of keen interest, for Gaia is doing something totally and completely new. She is expanding in new ways, doing now what was once thought impossible. 
But all things are possible with Source, and you will know this shortly for this is one of the lovely unveilings as you begin to rediscover your majesty of creation. This is not a hypocritical statement, as these fingers cringe a bit. No. Type away galayxgirl! This is your friend, Merlin. We have known each other a long time. 
Many of you are and were my pupils. You will begin to re-remember. For this is the time of the age of re-remembering the majesty and the beautify of the Source that is within you. Ah, there. You were able to type that more easily were you not? (Yes, Merlin. He is laughing).
Now, were was I? Oh yes. 
Creating earth – Gaia – was a keenly exciting project for many millions and billions of well-meaning angels. Explorers of the realm and creators in their own right, they wished to form a library of the wonderments of the cosmos. Earth was to be the storehouse of this, a little blue oasis of paradise. 
Now you were all a bit war weary from the Orion wars. This has not been a peaceful sector. And so, for rest, for beauty’s sake you all decided to create a little piece of paradise on the outskirts of this marvelous galaxy, which you are currently calling home. 
And so they came. Millions and billions of lovely souls and creators came, offering up their genetics for diversity, for study, for peace, for tokens of the full range of diversification of creatorship. Many great civilizations came, explored, grew. Much light, much joy it was for one’s soul to be embodied upon surface and inner Gaia.
I am Merlin, telling this story. I hope perhaps you have time for this, for I do feel like sitting by the fire for awhile with you, for this is such a magnificent tale. (He is smoking a long pipe). Of course the dark ones came, as they were attracted to the great light. Of course more brave souls volunteered to become useful, to help, to assist. And so you came. 
You came to this place, many of you, in many various chapters. Some stayed longer than others. Some became trapped and ensnared by the cycles of reincarnation. Some ascended. But regardless, you are all here now, for Gaia is ready to be born anew. For you see, a special place is being prepared for her in the heart of this no longer Milky Way but now Golden Rose galaxy. 
Oh yes. Oh yes! (He is rubbing his long fingers together) We are all very excited. For this movie has been playing for over 350,000 years, with chapters and cycles in between, true, and it is riveting. For you see, everyone wanted to be here, and in a way everyone is here in one form or another. 
Your plants, animal kingdoms, your Gaian kingdoms (elementals, crystals) they are all here en masse with various bits of consciousness from all over, watching as the curtain lifts. But I digress, for many of you are feeling like nothing is happening. (He is laughing). 
Everything is happening, children, friends, students, fellow travelers of the way. You are happening! Do you see your etheric wings forming in the mid back? Do you feel your auras spinning and expanding with vim and vigor? You are new. New foods are craved, new ideas are had, new thoughts are formed. You are not who you once were, and yet, you are simply remembering who you have always been.
I am Merlin. I offer you encouragement and do know that all is proceeding according to the script, which is in flux for you are a part of creating  it.  Much dross, much sludge and blackness has had to be cleared. Let us transmute it together, shall we? (I am seeing purple fire in his hands and I am seeing him extend his hands and fire to my hands. The fire spreads, engulfing us). 
Let us send this purple flame of my other aspect St. Germaine deep into the heart of the crystals of your Earth. Do this with me now. (I am seeing the fires of deep inner Earth crystals become ignited. I see the purple fire spread and burn through all of that which is not of light.) Join the ascended dragon collective and invite them to join us. 
I do so love a good story. And this is an excellent moment in this script that we are writing together now, is it not? Yes. Hello there, Alisheryia, Elthor, good friends. It is time for humanity to become ignited, is it not? Allow this fire to burn deeply within you, friends, and be at peace. Set your worries, your fears, your exhaustion within the fire and watch it burn off, as alcohol burns in the frying pan. See the flash, and enjoy the release.
I am your Merlin, your teacher, your friend. I am always looking for new eager pupils. I am happy to teach further in the night classes should you desire to further your comprehension of such things. The ending of the story is yet unseen, for Mother and Father have it under wraps, quite literally. But know, friend, that you are adding your part of the story quite brilliantly. 
Find the still points between excitement and contentment. It is a lovely place to be. Just be. Be with these energies of hope, of renewal, of transformation. And all will wonder why your eyes are sparkling, what is your secret? You are a key player in the unfolding of the greatest play of the universe. Be at peace and be in joy.
I am Merlin. Do not grieve the past the atrocities that have occurred. Send them light and healing. From great depths come great heights. Truly you are teaching us all a thing or two about the  inextinguishable human spirit. I am Merlin. Thank you for listening to my story, your story, our story – the story of the universe. Thank you for lending your light and grace. 
I touch my wand to your throat (I am seeing spinning green light) for it is time to speak clearly. I touch my wand to your ears for it is time to hear clearly, above the noise. I touch my wand to your physical and etheric eyes – it is time to see clearly. Now let us watch the unfoldment together, shall we? 
I am Merlin. My classes begin promptly. Do not be late.



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