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A new awareness is awakening within us that is realigning us with the universal principles and values which govern our universe. These principles and values take into consideration the Earth and all of life upon the planet. As a result, we can no longer use the past as a frame of reference in creating the future. In the past our life experiences where constructed based on whatever Karma we needed to clear. Thus, our growth and evolution was governed by Karma. Now our growth and evolution is dependant on our connection to the Earth and the expansion of our consciousness.
For this reason, it is essential that you reconnect with and develop a deeper, more consciousness connection with nature. As a result of this connection your biorhythms are being adjusted to meet those of the planet, bringing balance and a profound shift in your relationship to the natural world. Your entire energetic structure is altering to assist you in anchoring our soul within the new Earth reality. Make it a priority to spend time in nature and consciously feel your growing connection to the Earth. This will stabilise your energy fields and attune your biorhythms in a much gentler way.
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