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The arrest of 334 gangsters from the Calabria-based Ndrangheta mob, and International Criminal Court (ICC) proceedings against Israel mean the net is closing tighter on the Khazarian mafia.
“The wheels of justice grind slowly.  The ICC prosecuting Israeli war crimes in Palestine after 5 years may lead to arrest warrants and other war crimes in Syraq [sic], since Israel supports ISIS [Daesh] and steals Syrian and Iraqi oil,” Pentagon sources say.  U.S. Special Forces will soon be hunting down Zionist war criminals wherever they may try to hide on this planet, the sources promise.
The arrests in Italy, meanwhile, are a direct blow to the Italian/Swiss faction that carried out the Fukushima mass-murder attacks against Japan, according to Japanese military intelligence sources.  This means the fraudulently elected criminal regime of Crime Minister Shinzo Abe in Japan is going to finally face justice, the sources say.
We will have more details on both of these developments below, but first let’s look at other big moves taking place around the world.
The biggest story, as usual, remains the ongoing bankruptcy negotiations of the U.S. corporate government.  “The corporate American government exists from hand to mouth, week by week, month by month.  This is not sustainable and at some point must be reset,” British intelligence sources say.
That’s why U.S. President Donald Trump will be attending the annual gathering of the world elite at Davos on January 21st to try to negotiate funding to keep his regime going past its January 31st payments deadline, European royal family sources say.  Remember, early this year Trump skipped Davos before caving in and hiring neocon Zionists after a 35-day partial government shutdown.  Let’s see what the Davos elite try to force Trump to do in exchange for more debt this time.
Related to this are the bankruptcy negotiations of the United Nations, say European royal family sources.  “The UN is a private corporation incorporated in California and owned by the Rothschild family via the Lucis Trust,” the sources say.
The Rothschilds are doing everything in their power to keep their entire rickety UN/U.S./IMF/World Bank/BIS structure going with a giant circle jerk.  “The Rothschild-owned private central banking monopoly’s ‘quantitative easing’ is another word for ‘buyback,’ artificially sustaining a collapsed market,” the European royals explain.  A sign this is unsustainable is the fact that the banks are charging individuals ever-higher interest rates even as the FRB gives the banks ever-cheaper money.

However, despite Zionist propaganda media cheerleading, the real economy is getting worse, so more of those expensive loans to real people are going bad.  Maybe that’s why the Rothchild’s World Bank subsidiary warned on December 19th of “the worst debt crisis in 50 years.”

Meanwhile, their U.S. corporation has been caught lying about gold reserves, while their flagship Glencore Commodities Corporation is facing multiple criminal investigations and lawsuits.

Related to all this was a shoot-out at FSB (former KGB) headquarters last week that left two FSB agents dead.  The official Russian news claims the attack was carried out by a lone individual.  However, our Russian sources say the real target was Vladimir Putin, and the attack was carried out by “nine …
… militants from the Right Sector of Ukraine.  Three of them were killed, three were taken to prison, and three managed to escape.”  The attack took place while Putin was nearby for an FSB Day celebration.  “This is a war inside the FSB,” the source added.  In other words, the Zionist Rothschild faction tried and failed to kill Putin.
The question now is whether Trump will join Putin in rebelling against his Rothschild masters.  Our Pentagon sources seem to think this is exactly what he is doing.  Here is their description of what Trump is really up to:
“After wishing the federal workforce and military a Merry Christmas, Trump may have given the ICC the green light as a Hanukkah present to Bibi [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu], with [U.S. Secretary of State Mike] Pompeo pretending to defend Israel while U.S. Special Forces working with Russia may arrest Israeli war criminals wherever they may be, to add gravitas to Nuremberg 2.0.
“It appears that the UN, EU, Russia, China, India, Brazil, Germany, France, the UK, Japan, Iran, Turkey, and the international community support the ICC and the Hezbollah-backed prime minister in Lebanon, as Israel is implicated in Epstein pedo entrapment, 9/11, 3/11, MH370/MH17, and other anti-goy crimes against humanity.  Former Pakistani military ruler Musharraf being sentenced to death for treason is a stern warning to Saudi, Israel, royals, Zionists, and the deep state about the severity of military tribunals.”
The arrests of 334 mafiosi in Calabria were definitely a part of this crackdown.  “Those arrested are bad persons, so the people hated them,” a P2 Freemason source said.  “I know them and they are stupid, fierce people,” he said.  “This was only a clean-up against one group—the worst Ndrangheta group.  Other Calabrian gangs are in power now,” he continued.
The arrests included a police chief, a former member of Parliament close to former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, as well as lawyers and accountants in Switzerland and Northern Italy involved in the 2009 theft of $134 billion worth of Japanese bonds, P2 Freemason sources add.
Also, a representative of the Calabrian faction had bragged about his mafia’s involvement in Fukushima immediately after that attack.
It was after Fukushima that Abe was put into power in Japan through election fraud.  Shortly after being put in power, Abe showed up at Davos and threated World War 3 against China.  This same Abe who once threatened China is now sucking up to them big time, as you can see from Japanese news reports about his upcoming summit with Chinese President Xi Jinping.
No doubt this is connected to the U.S. corporation expecting China to buy $200 billion dollars a year worth of extra “stuff” from them.  This would allow them to put off bankruptcy yet again.  However, as we mentioned last week, the public U.S. economy does not make enough actual real “stuff” to earn $200 billion a year extra—that is, unless some secret space program stuff is put on the block.
In any case, the Italian white nobility who cleaned up the Ndrangheta are saying they will not allow Trump to get any funding at Davos unless he fires his son-in-law Jared Kushner.  Kushner, of course, symbolizes the Chabad faction of the Zionists, the P2 say.  Kushner (Chabad) is the “bad face of Zionism;  for him we aren’t all brothers, but slaves,” they add.
We also note that the Zionist media are once again putting out “North Korea could soon make a missile that could hit the U.S.” BS.  They have been saying that for decades.  The fact is that the North Koreans have had this ability since the 1990’s when U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld gave it to them.  Any attempt by the Zionists to use North Korea as a cover for another 9/11 or 3/11 type of attack is not going to fool anybody.  Retaliation for any such attack will go to Switzerland and Israel, not North Korea, Pentagon sources warn.
“What is really happening is that the international powers are putting the Zionists back in their box.  The ‘war on terror’—which was total rubbish—made the world a very unpleasant and uncomfortable place for many years.  The 9/11 incident still to this day sickens many.  There is a desire for the entire apparatus to be broken up and put back together properly,” was how an MI5 source summarized the situation.
Many powerful forces are fighting now to make sure 2020 will be the year the Zionist nightmare finally ends and peace will come to all the inhabitants of this planet, human or otherwise.  With that, we would like to wish our readers a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or whatever name you use to celebrate the Northern Hemisphere’s solar new year.

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