May is Done, Fourth Reich is Failing.

Benjamin Fulford Interview – Prepare For Change.

Posted June 3, 2019 by Richard Small. 

Benjamin Fulford Interview Graphic 23rd May 2019.



In this episode recorded on the 23rd May 2019. We collectively discuss the impending document declassification that’s due in the US. From FISA to the IG much is on the cusp of being revealed in the #RussianHoax #SpyGate situation. The power struggle is becoming clearer to see for people and the mainstream news can’t continue to cover the corrupt elite. Their narrative is breaking down and exposing them. The Nazi Fourth Reich is failing and the playbook they keep rehashing is played out. Brexit Polls will speak loud and clear!
The old system IS collapsing and we’re seeing the death throes of the old guard. Until we’re finally fully liberated, we must keep applying pressure to the old system.
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Let’s take our cue from Benjamin Fulford and turn our world into a wonderful place!
As Benjamin says, don’t just sit on the sidelines, pick up the phone and call your elected officials and respectfully demand answers to these gross atrocities that have plagued our way of life for far too long. The stronger our collective voice, the quicker we affect change.
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Benjamin Fulford Interview: May is Done, Fourth Reich is Failing – Prepare For Change
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