Can China Govern as a New Global Superpower?

Benjamin Fulford Interview 

 by Richard Small, Prepare For Change. 

Posted May 10, 2019.

Benjamin Fulford Interview Graphic.


In this episode recorded on the 2nd May 2019, we discuss the following; Muller, FISA, 911, Fukushima the truth must come out. Will war happen on the Korean peninsula? China creating new networks including new UN building in LAOS, yet they’re lacking social and global skills to govern as a new superpower. Will there be a big event or a slow continual gradual change into the new system? North Korea giving Putin F-35 present. Julian Assange case has much weirdness to it and may not be what we are being told. Also, there is something up in Low Earth Orbit that we’re not being told about and more…
The old system IS collapsing and we’re seeing the death throes of the old guard. Until we’re finally fully liberated, we must keep applying pressure to the old system.
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Let’s take our cue from Benjamin Fulford and turn our world into a wonderful place!
As Benjamin says, don’t just sit on the sidelines, pick up the phone and call your elected officials and respectfully demand answers to these gross atrocities that have plagued our way of life for far too long. The stronger our collective voice, the quicker we affect change.
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