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It’s time to call a spade a spade.  Most of the world’s problems originate with a group known as the Elders of Zion.  This is an undeniable fact and has nothing to do with the Jewish people.
Rather, it’s a group of inbred families who own most of the world’s corporations and have been plotting to murder 90% of humanity and enslave the rest.  That’s why they have spent $6.4 trillion on war and mass murder (according to recent calculations by the Watson Institute) since they orchestrated their 9/11 terror attacks and fascist coup d’état.
This was enough money to end poverty, stop environmental destruction, and launch humanity into the universe.  Instead it was spent on a project to create a Greater Israel from which to rule the survivors of their planned artificial Armageddon.  Let us be clear:  the problem originates with the inbred group of families that control monotheism.

As a reminder, we are ruled by a govern- (control) ment (mind) that uses religion (re-ligare:  to rebind) to bundle us into a fascii (a bundle of sticks), or fascism.  Fascism is also known as “rule by corporations.”  A Swiss study has shown that 737 people control 80% of the world’s transnational corporations.


These people are also known as the Elders of Zion.  They control a system of Babylonian debt slavery through their ownership of most of the world’s central banks.  That’s why their servants, the top 10% of the people, control 93.2% of the world’s financial assets, while the bottom 90% are burdened with 72.4% of the debt.

This system is headed for collapse.  Riots and civil unrest in Algeria, Bolivia, Britain, Chile, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, France, Guinea, Haiti, Honduras, Hong Kong, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Pakistan, and Spain share in common a deep distrust of the ruling elite.  The peasants with pitchforks are at the gates.

Also, as discussed last week, the entire corporate financial system has completely lost touch with reality and no longer functions.  The chart below shows how the stock market and the real economy no longer correlate.


We would like to add that the GDP numbers are wildly exaggerated and do not reflect income disparity, which means the situation is even far worse than shown in the chart.  Right now, indicators of real economic activity, especially in the United States, the epicenter of this crisis, show that a serious recession has already started.  And yet the stock market is reaching record highs.

The cabal’s Federal Reserve Board is pumping unprecedented sums of money into the system to try to prevent a meltdown.  It now looks like something called Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs) will be Ground Zero of the collapse.  These are bundles of junk loans which work according the same logic that caused the Lehman Brothers collapse.  That is to say, the financial wizards somehow think that if you take lots of small bits of garbage and put them into a big garbage bag, they stop being garbage.  This chart below shows that the problem this time is at least twice as big as the Lehman crisis.


This impeding implosion and revolution is probably the reason the Black Sun worshipers at the P2 Freemason lodge contacted the White Dragon Society last week.  The representative of the P2 said that Pope Francis, who is visiting Japan from November 23 to 26, would …
… be contacted by them to try to work out a deal.  The P2 are upset by the Chinese plans to create a $10 trillion a year “Earth-moon space economic zone by 2050,” because they don’t think space exploration should be “dominated by a single race.”

The P2 were told it was time to remove Abe Shinzo, their puppet slave Prime Minister in Japan.  Abe takes his orders from Michael Greenberg of the CSIS.  The CSIS reports to Georgetown University, which reports to the Jesuits and the Pope and thus to the P2.  There are signs this process has already begun, because the Japanese press has begun a campaign of Abe bashing.


The Romans were also told to get on board with the British, Pentagon, and Chinese plan to set up a meritocratic future planning agency.  This would make sure space exploration would not be a Chinese monopoly.  They were further told that a jubilee is necessary.

The Romans also need to come clean about 9/11, Fukushima, and other crimes if they wish to be forgiven and included in the creation of the new “Star Trek world” they claim to desire.

In the meantime, to keep up the pressure, the colony of brainwashed Zionist slaves in Israel is under total siege, Pentagon sources say.  “Israel is fenced in with a Russian submarine inside its territorial waters,” they say.  That means it can be obliterated “by nuclear torpedoes that can go off any time,” they explained.  Furthermore, “Hezbollah is armed to the teeth, [Israeli] drones are being downed, and its own missile defense has been reverse-engineered by Russia,” they say.  This means the project for a Greater Israel is over.

The crypto-satanist colony of Saudi Arabia is also in deep trouble, according to the Pentagon sources.  “After former army general and CIA director David Petraeus said the Saudis are ‘running out of money,’ the Aramco IPO is being boycotted by BRICS, hedge funds, foreign investors, pensions, sovereign wealth funds, insurers, state-owned enterprises, and virtually everyone because of not just geopolitical, military, and trust issues, but also environmental, social, and governance concerns,” the sources explain.

Meanwhile back in the U.S., the Pentagon sources promise, “BIG things are about to drop after the conviction of [U.S. President Donald] Trump’s friend Roger Stone.”

We can only guess what the “BIG things” are, but the biggest thing we can think of taking down is the BIS, the privately owned central bank of privately owned central banks.

As things stand now, inflation and deflation are caused by the BIS regime’s outdated methods, according to a European royal source.
“The 18th-floor dinners at the BIS, where no minutes or records are taken, are where the world’s central bankers decide on the way things will be,” he says.

Replacing this with “a quantum-based system that will cut out these banker middlemen” is what the governments of the West are doing everything they can to prevent from happening, he said.  “The problem is that the governments are too far down the food chain, too far down the pay grade, and to be very honest, probably too terrified of the ‘mafia’” to take on the BIS.  That is why this writer has recommended a military operation to take out the BIS and its sister institution CERN.

Even if the Pentagon fails to act, the Asians are on the case, according to CIA sources in Asia.  They tell us:

“China has more than 20K metric tons of gold.  They will use this to back a new cryptocurrency or use it as part of the new global currency, both of which Russia, Iran, India, and Indonesia also play a major role [in].  Each of these countries also has at least 10-15 metric tons of gold that can be used as a backing for the new currency.  Either scenario will bring down the petrodollar.  This is the main reason the Khazarian cabal agent impersonating MBS [Mohammed Bin Salman] is pushing to get Aramco listed ASAP.  They know the game is already over.  They are trying to extract as much cash as they can and divide it amongst themselves before it all collapses.”

The Pentagon can help make sure the collapse does not lead to chaos and bloodshed by shutting down the strife inciting the corporate media propaganda machine.  Last week it was full of a fake show featuring computer graphics of arrested politicians such as Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi.  A reporter with a Washington, D.C. press card tells us she was unable to get any response to requests to attend the so-called “public hearings.”

Sending special forces to occupy WarnerMedia, Walt Disney, Viacom, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, CBS Corporation, NBCUniversal, Google, and Facebook is another recommendation.  All of these corporations need to be forced to spin off their news operations and put them under the control of genuine fact-checking, truth-seeking journalists.

To make this succeed, they also need to do is take over the CIA and Mossad mockingbird media operations that are responsible for so many fake news reports and scripted news “events” like Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon bombing.

Finally, they need to round up the members of the families that control the Fortune 500 companies through foundations and other fronts.  Most of the 737 people who own the corporations are in Europe, so arrests will also need to be made there if this operation is to succeed.

So far, the only corporation the Pentagon sources have specifically told us they are targeting is Boeing.  Here, they say Boeing will lose NASA and Department of Defense contracts “for its refusal to provide workable oxygen systems and lightning-proof 787s” as well as for “other sloppy work putting profits above safety.”  Boeing is also facing “boycotts by airlines, pilots, flight attendants, regulators, aircraft lessors, and the flying public,” they say.

While attacking Boeing for incompetence is to be commended, let’s not forget that incompetence is not what caused the crashes that led to this company’s crisis.  The crashes were caused by the deliberate use of remote-control hijacking equipment that has been installed in all Airbus and Boeing planes since the late 1990’s.

This is the sort of problem that can best be dealt with by means of a truth and reconciliation committee.  In fact, while some crimes like the mass murders and cannibalism of children cannot be forgiven, much else can be.  A truth and reconciliation process may be the best way to free the planet.  As Jesus Christ once told the Jews, “The truth shall set you free.”

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