Israel commits suicide by declaring war to China.

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The battle to liberate planet Earth is reaching a dangerous stage as the Khazarian mafia uses bioweapons to try and start a war between the United States and China.  However, this plan is backfiring because both the Chinese and the white hats in the military-industrial complex know exactly who is behind the bioweapon attacks on China and now Africa. 

P3 Freemason sources say Israeli Crime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is leading the latest attempt to start World War III and kill off 90% of humanity.  Pentagon sources, while not naming Netanyahu in particular, also point the finger at the government of Israel.  If the Israelis wish to avoid collective punishment, they need to hand Netanyahu and his mass-murdering accomplices over to the Chinese for interrogation, CIA sources say.
In a sign that total war has now been declared on the Khazarian Mafia, both Pentagon and Asian secret society sources have gone silent.  Multiple attempts to confirm independently what is going on in China for example, were met with “radio silence.”  One regular Pentagon source says, “Other than former Joint Chiefs of Staff chair Joe Dunford, who now sits on the board of Lockheed, there is no intel and this may continue for a while.”
There is also an unprecedented campaign of censorship going on regarding the bioweapon attack on China.  For example, the following paragraph was deleted from a Hong Kong-based news site: “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China has officially demanded that the United States explain why biohazard containers were found buried in the evacuated consulate general in Wuhan.  The PRC security forces cordoned off other U.S. diplomatic missions in the country.”
Only the censored version of the article missing this text can now be seen at: 
Also last week, the Indian scientists who reported they had found HIV viruses artificially inserted into the new coronavirus infecting China were threatened with death by Mossad agents and forced to retract their paper, according to Mossad sources.  Apparently somebody powerful in Israel is desperate to cover up the fact this was a bioweapon attack on China.
Of course, the world is not buying the story that this is a naturally occurring coronavirus.  The Muslims know what is going on, as do the Russians and the Indians.  So does everybody else, except a shrinking group of brainwashed sheeple in the West.

No matter what though, the U.S. and China are not going to be fooled into going to war with each other.  This can be seen, for example, in an official Xinhua news report about a call Chinese President Xi Jinping had with U.S. President Donald Trump that was requested by the U.S. side.  Trump said, “The United States fully supports China’s fight against the novel coronavirus epidemic, and is willing to send experts to China and offer assistance in various other forms.” 

In fact, Trump informed the Chinese that the U.S. had arrested three individuals in connection with the bioweapon attack on China, including 60-year old Dr. Charles Lieber, Harvard University Chairman of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology.
Robert David Steele, formerly of the U.S. Marines and the CIA, last week sent the following message to the Chinese about Lieber:
Weak signals are emerging that Wuhan was an act of war by Israel against China, using a double-agent, Dr. Charle Lieber, (who is Jewish and therefore especially susceptible to Zionist influence if not control) whose top student from China was embedded at Wuhan University of Technology where he was also a “Strategic Scientist.”
We are also hearing that this could have been an insider trading double-play like 9/11, also done by the Zionists.  Who benefited in the City of London, Wall Street, and Hong Kong and Tokyo stock exchanges? 

In what may have been a retaliatory attack, HIV expert Dr. Frank Plummer who was “recognized for leadership roles in the Sars, H1N1 flu and Ebola epidemics,” died suddenly on February 4th. 

However, there may be an even more sinister aspect to the attack on China that is related to a rogue artificial intelligence.  Just before the virus outbreak in Wuhan, the city installed 10,000…
5G base stations.  As we have reported before, 5G technology was experimented with in South Africa for mass mind control.  In other words, the entire situation in Wuhan may be an experiment in mass mind control using the epidemic as a pretext. 

Here is what a Mossad source had to report:
“As for the Nipah virus, aka coronavirus, you have all the latest intel.  China is finished.  This is looking more and more like a culling of up to half of China’s population.  It has been done before as confirmed by high ranking Chinese government officials and history.”
A CIA source described the situation this way:
“Remember years ago you hardly heard anything about what went on in China.  It was only because they started big factories, making junk for the USA, that we started hearing about what went on there.  Still much the same today…still a military-style rule of the people.  Nothing has changed since Chairman Mao.  It just became more modern and let the people think they have freedom.”
One way to see if we are dealing with a situation caused by a rogue AI is to determine the origin of the now-viral picture showing the similarities between the fictitious Umbrella Corporation of the Resident Evil games and movies, and a Shanghai (not Wuhan as we mistakenly reported last week) based “Bao Hu San” (Chinese for umbrella) biotech corporation.
What needs to be determined now is if the Chinese company is real or if this is just digital mind manipulation.  If the company is real, the next thing to investigate is who financed it.  It’s a good bet the trail will lead to the Mega group of Zionist oligarchs.  

These people are also pushing for complete financial control by eliminating cash.  For example, here in Japan financial incentives like 2% discounts are being offered to get people to stop using cash.  That, dear readers, is the mark of the beast.  This beast is probably the collective intelligence or group mind of the Zionist oligarchs and their financial and information computer networks.
So the question is…what is the purpose of what appears to be a combination 5G and bioweapon attack on Wuhan?
Part of the answer is that the Chinese are being punished for refusing to pay tribute to the Zionists by handing over their foreign exchange earnings.  This means economic, biological and psychological warfare on China.
However, Evans-Pritchard of the Telegraph believes we are facing a black swan event that will undo the financial markets.  He says:
“The workshop of the world is closed.  China is on a total-war footing.  The Communist Party has evoked the ‘spirit of 1937’ and mobilized all the instruments of its totalitarian surveillance system to fight both the coronavirus and the truth.  Make GDP forecasts if you dare.
As of this week two-thirds of the Chinese economy remains shut down.  More than 80% of its manufacturing industry is closed, rising to 90% for exporters.
The Chinese economy is 17% of the world economy and deeply integrated into international supply chains.  It was just 4.5% of world GDP during the SARS epidemic 2003, which some like to use as a reassuring template.  You cannot shut down China for long these days without shutting down the world…” 

The situation is already so drastic that the Baltic Dry Index, the cost of shipping, has become negative. 

In other words, world trade is so bad that shippers will pay you money to transport goods on their ships.  Prices for commodities like copper and oil are also plunging as world trade seizes up.  Yet somehow, stock markets keep reaching new record highs.  Something is about to break.  If we take an optimistic viewpoint, maybe the good guys are staging a planned implosion of the Oligarch’s financial control grid.  Time will tell and fairly soon.
In any case, the Zionist oligarchs are apparently planning to move their production out of China and into Indonesia.  Here is what a Southeast Asian based CIA source had to say:
“I have been watching how Bloomberg News has been promoting Indonesia for the last 6 to 9 months.  Almost daily there is a story of interest regarding Indonesia and the government.  We have discussed this a few times already.  This looks like the reason for pumping Indonesia to the forefront.” 

“Jokowi wants Indonesia to transform from a supplier of raw materials to a manufacturing powerhouse and take over from China.  The timing is perfect.  Of course, this is NOT just a very big coincidence.”
My advice to the Indonesians is to think of the promise of big investments from Khazarian oligarchs as being like a free taste of heroin from your dealer.  It feels good at first, but as you can see from what is going on with China, it will eventually ruin your life.
With Asian secret societies on the warpath, being a Zionist oligarch is now probably one of the most hazardous occupations on earth.
We conclude with a few odd bits of raw intel that came our way.
MI6 sources proposed that the Queen of England has selected Princess Anne, her second child, and only daughter, to take her place as the next “Queen of England.”  Of course, Charles is livid.  Upon checking with my sources, a British royal said Princess Anne would only serve as regent to his Imperial Majesty George VII.
Another tidbit about the U.S. election came from a Mossad contact in New York:
South Bend Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who the Democrats want for their presidential candidate, (after cheating Bernie Sanders via vote manipulation) publicly announced in 2015 that he is gay.  The majority of his financing is coming from the inner circle of Bibi Netanyahu.  He is the flavor of the month for the Khazarian mafia at this stage of the 2020 presidential saga in the U.S.
Lastly, according to FSB sources, even though Russia’s government has declared its border with China closed, “In reality truck drivers are going to China and back because no business wants to lose profits.”

Benjamin Fulford


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