Beautiful Lives are Lived with an Echo of Truth and a Fragrance of Goodness.

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Message received by Anyas. 

Oregon, USA, March 5, 2018

Posted 2020/04/10

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Thought Adjuster: “The topic of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness is one that you, as part of the human race, need to constantly revisit, as it has so many important ramifications in your life. These three supportive pillars of a ‘meaningful’ planetary life constitute the enduring and ‘weatherproof’ foundation of your eternal life. They are indeed the pillars upon which you erect your inner temple — the Holy Ground of your very soul. How so, you may ask?
“Let me explain. First of all, a deceitful life entirely misses its intended mark — whether it is spent deceiving yourself or others. While any truth is umbilically connected to the Spirit of Truth, lies and deceit are devoid of such ties in ‘higher spiritual places’. Rather, they can only survive and proliferate in the pestilence of darkness and ignorance.
“A sincere and truthful soul cannot but exude Beauty and Goodness — some of the precious fruits of Spirit. The entire cosmos has been manifested upon these three essential elements that exert a great power of attraction on any soul. Yet, their acquisition is a balancing act for the immature human souls.
“Frequently, Beauty becomes confused with Glamor and has much to do with self-centeredness, as it focuses too strongly on external appearances, rather than catering to the expression of the individual beauty of the soul.
“As well, Goodness can be misguided if it is not tempered with Wisdom and Discernment. Good intentions can indeed bring about adverse effects if they are misguided. Truth needs to be mitigated with Goodness, as to be ‘brutally’ honest, it can be traumatic and damaging to others if it lacks the elements of patience, empathy, and compassion.
“Dear ones, by getting in touch with the Truth of your being and fostering it, you will start witnessing its ‘beautification’ and its ‘enlightenment’. You will no longer attempt to squeeze yourself into an ill-fitting artificial mold. Rather, you will become able ‘to wiggle your spiritual toes’, having acquired a better fitting walking shoe with it providing plenty of room to grow. As well, you will become optimistic in your thinking and lifted up emotionally, which will naturally lead you to constructive deeds and to the expansion and expression of your innate Goodness. Indeed, ‘beautiful’ lives are those which leave behind an echo of Truth and a fragrance of Goodness.

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