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The Spiritual Journey as an “Infinite Game”.

By Open.

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

January 11th, 2019. 

Have you realised it yet? The Spiritual Journey does not lead to some final accomplishment. You do not reach some distant end goal, some ‘top of the mountain’ or even some state of never-ending peace. Even “The Shift” or “The Event” as some call it, is just a shift within a shift within… There is no where to get to! Even the mystical state of Enlightenment is not an ending but a beginning. Think about this deeply for a moment. You can stop striving right now. There’s phenomenal freedom in it. And if you can find your right alignment in this “Infinite Game”, it will bring you continual joy and accomplishment…

The “Infinite Game”

The Spiritual Journey is not a finite accomplishment, it is an “Infinite Game”, with no fixed landscape, that changes and transforms from one day to the next, from this moment to the next.
Breathe a deep sigh of relief, and let yourself become that which you truly are — the shape shifting infinite game player. As long as you understand the one basic rule of this Infinite Game, no matter where you are in it, no matter what the challenges or difficulties, no matter how low your resources are, there will always be another play.
So here is the fundamental underlying rule of this spiritual Infinite Game. And when you know it, when it truly sinks in, then you’ll find yourself always the winner in the game of life…
It is not about some finite accomplishment, like Kundalini Activation, processing all your Karma, becoming “enlightened” or shifting into 5D consciousness. It is not ‘touching some infinite peace’ and staying there. The Universe is constantly dancing, changing, moving and morphing, and your soul is an intricate part of that movement. To have joy, happiness and sense of fulfillment, is to be in your soul and freely flowing as that, from one moment to the next; always unleashing the next best version of you.
You see in this Infinite Game of the spiritual path, there is no ultimate ending. Yes, there will be finite accomplishments — becoming enlightened for example — but ultimately, there is no way of measuring the ‘success’ of ‘getting there’. Because there is no ultimate destination.
So what is the point of life?

The Point of It All

Life sprang into being without intention, if it did, that would presuppose a ‘creator’ and then you’re always left wondering what preceded the creator. Therefore if there was no God that began it all, there was no mind of God with a pre-determined purpose or point. And yet the Universe now seems to be always doing something. If we study it carefully, then one day the true meaning will land…
The Universe is constantly expressing itself. It’s constantly reshaping, realigning and reforming to express the next superlative example of itself. Voila. That’s it. There is absolutely nothing else going on!
I put it to you, that if we acknowledge and align with this principle, then it will furnish deep joy and satisfaction. To find true happiness in life, true success, is not to strive for some finite completion — that off-grid, eco-friendly house in the country; to attain Enlightenment; the whole planet living justly and fairly in harmony. These things may happen, and they may be worthwhile finite goals to work towards, yes. But truly successful people reveal one common thread to their lives:
That joy, happiness and success in life comes not from some finite measurement, but this…. the continual growth and development, the continual improvement, from one day to the next, of… Yourself!

The Answer Is All around… In Nature

Watch nature carefully. Consider a Tree. It reaches up to the sun and transforms light into energy. Does it ever stop? Does it ever give up? Does it ever say, “I don’t have enough resources”? If it can express itself, if it has just enough water and nutrients in this moment to take another ‘breath’, then it will. And each moment it is working to do it better than it did before.
Watch any creature you care to mention in nature, and look for the common thread. Each is being completely and wholly them. They work diligently in each moment to be more of them. They aren’t efforting to be this. They’re just being it!
And if you doubt in any way that they’re constantly learning evolving and growing, then look more closely. I watched a guy feeding grapes to squirrels in a park in downtown Manhattan once. If he fed the squirrel an organic grape, he’d eat it right away, without hesitation. But if he fed the squirrel a non-organic grape, then the squirrel took the time and trouble to peel the skin off before eating. What marvel!

Finite Accomplishments in the Infinite Game

I put it to you that you’re in this “Infinite Game”. After Enlightenment you’ll be carrying water and chopping wood. After the completion of this 5D Shift, there will be another in a different constellation. After we’ve attained nirvana in this Universe, there’ll be another in the mulitverse to work on. It is never ending!
What can this mean for you right now? How can it liberate you right now? How can it help you find peace and contentment, yet at the same time, always finding joy in the accomplishment of unfolding more of your brilliant light?
Realise the spiritual journey is continually unfolding and never ending. So there is nowhere to get to or nothing to strive for. You’re in an Infinite Game. And yet within that, immediate goals to accomplish will present themselves – You’re working through Kundalini Activation for example. Embrace what comes up, work through any limiting tightness or resistance, because to deny yourself as what you are is self-defeating and leads to frustration.
Be the squirrel — peel off that layer! But then don’t sit there preening yourself because ‘you’ve made it’. Peel off another layer, eat another grape, shine more!

How to Always Be the Winner

You can’t guarantee to win in a finite game that has defined rules and ever increasing complexity of landscape. But you can always win in the Infinite Game…
All you have to do is take any aspect of your life that is presenting in your awareness right now, today, this moment: a particular relationship, your immediate job circumstances or an important event unfolding in your life. Contemplate how can you be more of you in that? Perhaps you can express more fully; maybe you could be more surrendered; maybe you could be more willful and determined; perhaps more diplomatic; you might find more empathy and compassion or be of service; maybe you could hold the space open longer for some altruistic magic to come through.
(Check out this viewpoint on unleashing the Characteristics of Your Soul.)
I guarantee you that when your perspective changes from ‘what you need to do’, and switches instead to ‘how can you be more of you’, then you will always win. And what’s more, when you switch to this allegiance, then the Universe always comes to meet you. I find you always have enough resources and energy, you always have a ‘vehicle’ to make that change, to fulfill that expression. Because the entirety of the Universe is working to do that in every part of it. And what’s more, here’s the divine paradox: you actually accomplish more, far more than you ever dreamed of!
I can tell you this is just such a magical freedom, the most incredible release.

You Are the Eternal Shape-Shifting Shaman

At your heart, you are the eternal shape shifting shaman; you are the continual cosmic blade runner. You just keep getting better. Constant possibility of accomplishment will present itself. And it’s never-ending, because you’ve become the Infinite Game Player. And you can decide to become that right now.
Voila. There you are. Magnificent!
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In loving support,
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