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daily inspiration 11 june 2019.

The Earth’s atmosphere is being flooded with divine light shifting and expanding us into a more spiritually evolved field of consciousness. This field is amplifying the energy moving within our energy field. As the new reality grids embed themselves within the body of the Earth so do they embed themselves within us. As we integrate these grids a higher frequency energy pattern will emerge reflecting the new reality we are embodying.
Now is the time to be of the world but not in it. To move through it but not be defined by it. To be in the flow of life but unattached to it. To honour what has been and to make peace with the past. To actively re-assess your life and find a new form for the future. As you do so you will open to an abundance of new energy and power that will inspire you to act on the divine impulses, which are pushing you to dream and create a new life into being. Allow the ancient wisdom and truth of your soul to show you the way.
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