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daily inspiration 16 may 2019.



As human beings we have all agreed to transmit a particular energy to assist the world and humanity in shifting into expanded states of consciousness. The key to this transmitting process lies in accessing the full potential of our soul. The shifts and changes occurring now within the consciousness of humanity are supporting and encouraging this process. As a result, our soul energy is being repatterned as a unified force of creation and love.
As you head towards the Full Moon this weekend there will be an increased intensity to the incoming energies. You will feel an urgency building pushing you into the new life you are creating. You are no longer held back by the limitations of the past and everything you are currently experiencing is pushing you to activate crucial aspects of your soul. Aspects that will align you with the flow of divine creative energy needed for your new life. With this energy new levels of intuition and inspiration will come to illuminate your path. Make time to be still. To breathe and allow the integration of this energy.

Much love 


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