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Through Toni and Sonia.

Posted February 11th, 2020.




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Sílvia from Portugal asks the Masters: I met a man who messed with my whole life. but in this life, it seems impossible to live this love. they say it is love of Twin flames. Why has it appeared in my life? Is it to give up friendship once and for all?

Answer: This is not a twin flame but a soul mate who you asked to assist you with your lessons. You wanted to see if you could figure out how he was manipulating you, understand you have choices, and then make the choice to end it. This is about honoring yourself and loving yourself enough to do only what you really want to do. There are those out there who will give you an experience of true love, but you have to start out being yourself and not what you think they want you to be.


ÖDöN from Hungary asks the Masters: Is my feeling of love towards a woman true or is it only a kind of sexual affection? Is it normal that I was deeply sad (almost madly) when I get no as an answer for going out?
Answer: It varies from situation to situation. Sometimes your hormones control your actions, and other times your feeling and heart show you the way. Neither is right or wrong – it is just part of the human journey. When you let expectations tell you what will happen, you are setting yourself up for frustration and sadness. You can never dictate what another will do since they have freedom of choice. Be true to yourself and radiate your inner love – that always helps in connecting with someone.



Ivan from Brazil asks the Masters: Where did you learn to give the answers?

Answer: The channel who writes this column gets the answers from a group of ascended spirits who at Home in unconditional love with Source. They are aware of everything that is happening, and they comment based on their observations.

John from the US asks the Masters: After a traumatic effect happened to me, I started to feel changes in my thought patterns as people started to react in fear towards me. I may have thought it was because of suppressing my emotions which lead me to turn to my current behavior. I want to get rid of it, and I want to know why exactly I behave the way that I do.

Answer: Your traumatic event haunts you with a fear concerning everything you face. You are overly sensitive to what you imagine others are thinking and saying about you even when they are not involved at all. You react to a situation before you see what it is about. This is a negative ego energy that you have chosen as a shield against getting hurt again: strike first and don’t give anyone the chance to hit you first. These are all individual choices you are selecting. To change, choose to do so. Choose to step back from all situations until you actually see what is happening, and then act or react as is appropriate for a considerate person and how you would like to be treated.
Roberta from Brazil asks the Masters: I met a man in April and when we spend time together I lose the sense of time and its magical. Do we have something to live together? Why is romantic love so important to me?

Answer: Society preaches that romantic love is the epitome of existence. You want to have that mythical life where everything is bliss, as your idea of perfection looks. You do have an energetic connection with this man, but be very open to all the signs he is exhibiting. Ask questions. Do things only if you feel they are the right things to do. Being open and communicating continuously about your beliefs and dreams will tell you if you want to get involved deeply here.
Paula from Portugal asks the Masters: I would like to know why I am so afraid to have a romantic relationship? Why I don't accept that I can be very happy alone and free . Do you have any advice for me? How can I forget the last person I fell in love with?

Answer: You don’t accept yourself and don’t feel worthy of the attention of a mate. You have been controlled all your life and see a relationship as a prison sentence where your freedom is forfeited for the desires of another. You have freedom of choice to be alone or to be with another. Only accept a companion if they want to share, not control, your life. You fall in love with an idea, not with the reality of a person. Open your eyes and see what you want and what is compatible with you.
Kel from Brazil asks the Masters: I want to know about this "fear" I have of sexual intercourse, is it related to childhood abuse or something from past lives? What can I do to overcome this?

Answer: You have had a number of belief systems imposed upon you by family and society, and you feel you need to have a committed, loving relationship before you should have sex. Trying to do something on a casual basis as your friends do goes against your beliefs, so there is nothing but fear when you go in that direction. Go into the fear and see what is attached to the feelings. You have the ability to rewrite them, but it should only be if it feels like something you desire to do and that makes you comfortable. You should never do something just because others do it.

SB from Singapore asks the Masters: I want to know even after working so hard in my current job why my seniors are not acknowledging my work. Why like always I have to struggle for my contract extension at my workplace. This time I did my best, but they are not extending, it feels like I failed, what am I doing wrong here and what is the reason for hurdles coming in my professional life?
Answer: The needs of this employer have changed, and they are not renewing several other contracts as well as yours. No matter what kind of work you have performed, if they don’t need you, they are not going to keep you. It is not a failure, just too many employees. You have learned as much as you can from this position and it is time to move on to something else.


Dear Beloved Fellow Souls:

Though we’ve grown accustomed to and comfortable with a pattern in sharing these messages from the Masters (also affectionately known to us as “the Guys”), it was probably inevitable that our third-dimensional Earth duality would eventually throw up a few roadblocks. (Technology is a mixed blessing, though on balance, we are grateful for it!)

We know that you are currently unable to submit questions, and we hope to have a solution before too long. Meanwhile, we will work with the supply on hand and experiment as possible. To reference archived messages, you should still be able to access and study wisdom from the past 12 years on all types of spiritual and personal issues. Perhaps the Guys are chuckling as we deal with this object lesson in flexibility and going with the flow.

As they point out, we are always where we need to be to experience what we have chosen.

Thank you for your love and patience!

Toni and Sonia.

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