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Posted February 4th, 2020.




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Yvonne from the US asks the Masters: Ever since I was a child I had spiritual followings, I now have grown older and now the spirit and I have become as One. When the Spirit possesses me, I began to speak in Ancient Language that I have not ever taught myself, please tell me what has happened to my body, and most of all WHO AM I?
Answer: Your spiritual light is very bright, and it sometimes attracts spirits that are not of the light. You have invited in a number of souls who have a negative aura and like using your body to be heard again. The ancient language is not of the highest source. Be sure, before you let any spirit in, that you ask your guides to protect you and allow in only beings of the light and those who would interact with you for the highest and greatest good. You are a soul who is having a human experience, and your main lessons involve discernment and clarity.



ÖDöN from Hungary asks the Masters: Is my feeling of love towards a woman true or is it only a kind of sexual affection? Is it normal that I was deeply sad (almost madly) when I get no as an answer for going out?
Answer: It varies from situation to situation. Sometimes your hormones control your actions, and other times your feeling and heart show you the way. Neither is right or wrong – it is just part of the human journey. When you let expectations tell you what will happen, you are setting yourself up for frustration and sadness. You can never dictate what another will do since they have freedom of choice. Be true to yourself and radiate your inner love – that always helps in connecting with someone.
DG from Brazil asks the Masters: I have been very sad and disconnected. I feel like I was fooled by a person who treasured a lot, did that person really fool me? What can I do to connect with the divine flow again?
Answer: You desperately want to be loved, and because of that, you are very susceptible to the wishes of others. You follow the suggestions of others since you think that will make them love you. Yes, you were manipulated, but only because you allowed it to happen. Be open to the intuition that flows through you. Have faith in yourself and only do that which resonates within you.
Sarah from New Zealand asks the Masters: I have had a lot of problems with my Husband’s family over the years. There is one sister in law that has given me the most grief. I believe she is a Narcissist. I find her so toxic, so I usually avoid her as much as possible. Is this a soul contract? What is the lesson I am meant to learn? I feel like being a door mat and not having boundaries is not good for me and I want to set a good example for my kids. At the same time this causes friction in my own marriage and because my Husband is a people pleaser he will go and see everyone and I feel betrayed.
Answer: You are giving this woman too much control over you. You are aware of her tendencies, so ignore them when they occur. If you react to her words, she has won. Avoiding her makes her feel she has bested you because you have gone off to hide. You can set boundaries of what you will allow before you respond with your truth concerning the situation. Keep a journal of her conduct and then sit down and ask your husband if he condones this type of behavior and if he wants his children exposed to it.
Isabel from Brazil asks the Masters: My dream is to bring more joy to me and to people. There is something very strong about me that pulls me to accomplish something big and transformative with women, but it always seems very difficult to me. I try too hard and yet nothing flows. Be it new, bold projects, always linked to art, joy, music and dance. What actually happens? Aren't they ready for this or me not? Do these projects need to be reviewed or forgotten? Isn't it my way and should I abandon them or is it my mission here and should I insist on them?
Answer: Your problem is that you have expectations of how your work will impact others, and if you don’t see exactly what you envisioned, you think it has failed. You cannot tell another how they should choose to react to your work. You just have to put it out there and let them choose what feels right to them. If you are passionate about this, keep going – but let go of your expectations.
Ana from Portugal asks the Masters: I'm married and recently met someone who made me rethink my life. I feel like I've met him in other lives. It aroused feelings within me that I did not want to feel, that I do not understand and that can destroy my marriage. Could you help me understand?
Answer: It is all about choices, possibilities, and honoring your journey over being told by society and others how to live. He provides a different way to look at life but does not want to control you. You had not met in the past but did agree, while at Home, to meet this time so you would examine how you had been living your life.
Luna from Portugal asks the Masters: Recently I met a French man and we had an instant and intense connection while we were in the same country. Was he honest with me? Did we meet in a past life? What do I need to know about this episode in terms of my personal and spiritual growth?
Answer: He was not honest with you; this was all a game for him. You have never met him before. This is all about your recognizing the difference between reality and fantasy. What really happened was a momentary sexual attraction that you saw as a potential lasting relationship.



Dear Beloved Fellow Souls:

Though we’ve grown accustomed to and comfortable with
a pattern in sharing these messages from the Masters
(also affectionately known to us as “the Guys”), it was
probably inevitable that our third-dimensional Earth duality
would eventually throw up a few roadblocks. (Technology is
a mixed blessing, though on balance, we are grateful for it!)
We know that you are currently unable to submit questions,
and we hope to have a solution before too long. Meanwhile,
we will work with the supply on hand and experiment as
possible. To reference archived messages, you should still be
able to access and study
wisdom from the past 12 years on all types of spiritual and
personal issues. Perhaps the Guys are chuckling as we deal
with this object lesson in flexibility and going with the flow.
As they point out, we are always where we need to be to
experience what we have chosen.

Thank you for your love and patience!

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Love, Light and Laughter,

Toni and Sonia.

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